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Hello there!


My name is Susana, I’m 24 years young (!), an athlete (a figure skater & I practice Taekwondo, yes, both very different) and I just love anything beauty and fashion related. Love life, the world and (almost!) anything in it. Animal lover, crazy cat lady (even though I only have two of them). Current location is Portugal but I am working on that tiny little issue though. And nope, Portugal isn’t Spain. We are a tiny little sunny place to the left of our good friend Spain. =)

Soooo back iiiin… 2005 maybe? I was a teenager discovering the fun of, more than playing around with makeup, actually learning a little bit about makeup. So with the help of an amazing mother, I got a bunch of face products and voilá, lets learn how to work with foundation! I learned quickly and by the end of 2005 I decided to shoot videos to post on YouTube but I never uploaded them. Until somewhere in the middle of 2006, after being tortured by a friend who had watched most of my videos, I uploaded my very first one. From then on, I would have some fun making videos and upload some, show others to my friends.

Until 2009, when I went to college and realized I couldn’t go to class, take 6h on my way there and back, do 2 sports and keep making videos. Actually, I would sleep maybe 4h a night without YouTube. Adding it to my day was impossible. So I deleted the whole thing and stopped using YouTube all together. When I finally started using it again because I had a better daily schedule, I no longer remembered any of my login data so I created a new account. There I found a community of beauty YouTubers that I started watching and subscribing to. That made me miss makeup and videos and such (even though not 100% of my videos were totally makeup oriented) and I started thinking “Eeeeh, I should start doing that again. But…!”.

That “but” stopped me for maybe 2 years until in August 2013 I decided since I wasn’t too sure about YouTube I’d start off with a blog and hope it went well because I had never blogged about makeup! I chose to write about products I’d purchased, give my sincere opinion on them, write reviews, do makeup looks, etc and this is how I got here!

Currently, I’m trying to create a nice followers’ base and to come up with new ideas for the blog, as well as to improve it in general. Any ideas are welcome, as well as followers! 😀

In any case, thank you for taking the time to read this and, if you do follow mt blog, thank you for that too! 😀



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