MAC Pro Longwear Nourishing Waterproof: Review


Hello everyone!

I’m coming back with a review today, one I wrote months ago but still stands true to me. I don’t guarantee you’ll like it though, or maybe you’ll be one of the few who agrees with me!
I don’t know if you’ve read my Drugstore and High End Makeup Haul post but I bought the new-at-the-time MAC Pro Longwear Nourishing Waterproof Foundation back in May and I’ve been putting it through the test ever since.
Here’s what it looks like:

MAC Pro Longwear Nourishing Waterproof Foundation

A tenacious waterproof formula that can be used as a foundation or concealer. Wearing for an unprecedented 24 hours. Neither rain nor tears can budge this oil-free watertight product that actually repels moisture from the surface of the face. The formula blends seamlessly on the skin with medium to full weightless coverage and a natural satin finish.


This product comes in a squeezy tube, which isn’t a lot of people’s favorite kind of packaging but I usually don’t mind it. If you’re used to applying foundation on a daily basis, you probably know the right amount for your face anyway.
The tube’s design is the usual one from MAC, matte black background with silver lettering.
You get a little less product here than with most foundations, as you get 25 ml/0.84 fl. oz of product, whereas most foundations are sold in 30ml/1 fl. oz tubes or bottles.


There are 16 shades to choose from, and they are pretty much the same thing you are used to if you already use MAC. I know that at least the first shade runs lighter than in most of their other foundations, but I think overall it’s pretty much the same.
They are still divided in NC and NW, which stand for Cool and Warm respectively, but remember their shade system is the opposite to that of most of the other brands: C has yellow undertones and W has pink undertones. I noticed this only a week ago when my boyfriend asked me what did NC and NW meant and I told him they represented pink and yellow undertones, and he pointed out the foundation he was holding was anything but yellow. xD I’m clearly paying attention to stuff around here…


And here is where all hell breaks loose… I’m sure over half the people reading this will curse me off, but I hate the formula on this with a passion…
To start off with, it supposedly works for all skin types, whereas the makeup artist in MAC told me it was aimed for dry skin. Either way, I hate it. I bought this foundation when my skin was completely dried out (still no idea why) and it clung to my dry patches for dear life. When my skin got back to being oily, it cracked on my face, it would sit on my face weird and I’d get oily after about 2h. Now that my skin type is more towards normal-combination, it still looks like a mask, no matter how little I apply or how I apply it, and it still gets oily.
Texture-wise, it sticks to everything and anything, even if I set it with powder and it transfers everywhere. It feels like it never really sets, it just sits on the top of your skin. I can also actually feel it way more than I feel most foundations and it feels like glue on my face, it’s feels quite heavy. Also, it oxidizes on me throughout the day, which I didn’t enjoy either because I was left looking like a carrot and I’ve got the lightest shade available. I found this foundation to be cakey, no matter how little of it I applied or how, and it looks kind of unnatural and like a mask. Also, I tried wearing it as concealer and dark circle corrector, it just made me hate this product more… If it cakes up over smooth skin, you can just imagine how it does on the under eye area… Not pretty.
About the consistency, I thought this would be like a thick cream kinda product but it’s actually more like a thick liquid, if that makes sense.
When it comes to the finish, I find it to be between matte and satin. It still is quite hydrating on my opinion, at least there’s something good about this foundation, lol.
When we’re talking coverage, it provides a good medium to full, flawless coverage and it builds up easily but I find it doesn’t blend too easily, maybe because it’s so sticky.


About the longevity of the foundation, you do still have the majority of the product on your face by the end of the night if you’ve applied it on the early morning, but it goes patchy after something like 8h, so not good when it oxidizes and goes darker than your actual skin color.
I can attest the waterproof claims though, this product really does repel water and nothing, not even sweat, can wear it off your face. I still can’t figure out why it goes patchy though…

We have finally reached the end of this post and let me just say I have nothing against MAC, I actually enjoy their lipsticks, but this foundation was just a big fail to me, specially at €33/$33. You’d expect a great foundation for such a not-so-cheap product but hey, all brands have something we don’t like…
Also, I know I have complained about too many aspects on this product, but I’ll let you know I’ve been testing it ever since May and I’ve tried everything from brushes and my hands to a damp beauty blender and nothing worked for me. I still don’t like the thing and I’d rather go for one of my Catrice foundations over this one any day, maybe it’s just my skin type but I’m done wearing this one during the day. I can get away with it at night if I’m going to a bar or something, where there isn’t much light, but I will not be repurchasing.
If you happen to love this foundation, please don’t kill me. xD
I’ll be leaving for now, I’m sat at my desk at work feeling lazy but I have deadlines and a whole website to redesign so I’d better hurry. I hope you enjoyed the read and please leave your opinion on this product on the comment section if you’ve tried it, I’m curious to see if it’s only me and Shaaanxo hating this or if there are more of us. xD
Have a nice day everyone and until next time have fun!


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