My Top 5 Drugstore Foundations


Hello everyone!

How are you all?
I have decided to restart the blog with a series of my top 3/top 5 drugstore makeup products of various categories because, well, it sounds fun to me, and I decided to start with foundation because that’s my favorite makeup product.
Lets start!

#5 Rimmel Match Perfection

rimmel match perfection foundation

This is a very light foundation with light to medium coverage and a very natural finish. Perfect for those of you who have good skin because it seriously looks like you are wearing nothing at all while it corrects some minor flaws you might have.
This product is aimed at normal to combination skin types but it works for slightly dry skin as well. It also works reasonably well with oily skin types but don’t forget to set it with powder, as it might wear off on you through the day, and be warned that this foundation oxidizes quite a bit. It also has SPF 18.

#4 AVON Ideal Flawless CC Cream

avon ideal flawless cc cream

I’ve been using this one for years now and I what I love about it is that it has better coverage than your average BB or CC cream (light to a very solid medium coverage if you build it up) and it looks pretty natural as long as you don’t spread half the tube on your skin. If you do that and happen to have normal to oily skin, you’ll go into full-on grease ball mode. Also, be sure to set it with powder because it’s so hydrating it’ll be gone in a few hours if you don’t.
This CC cream has a pretty light and silky formula, it reduces the appearance of your pores and it has SPF 50. Perfect for dry skin, works well with oily skin if you use it the way mentioned above and you can wear it under any foundation. If you want more coverage out of a foundation, wear this product under it to kick the coverage up. If you have a foundation that’s far too dry for you or it cracks on your face, mix it with this product and it’ll look just fine.
The AVON Ideal Flawless CC Cream is just an amazing, multipurpose product!

#3 Catrice All Matt Plus

catrice all matt plus shine control make up

Holy grail! This is one I always have on stock because it’s that good.
Medium coverage, perfectly buildable into a nearly full coverage, layers up and blends in effortlessly and it lasts for over 8h on my oily skin. It has a beautiful satin-matte finish so your skin still looks very natural (though you’ll need to blot eventually) and it never cakes up on me somehow.
It works extremely well on normal, slightly dry skin too – whenever my skin gets seriously dry (I haven’t figured out why yet) this is the only foundation I own that still manages to looks good for about 6h.
The only bad thing I can think of on this foundation is that the shade range is quite limited, but if you are pale run to the closest Catrice counter you know of and grab it! 😛

#2 Bourjois 123 Perfect

bourjois 123 perfect foundation

This one isn’t exactly drugstore but it’s pretty close in terms of price but hey, Bourjois is the mother of all affordable foundations! You can read my full review here.
It supposedly has a color correcting pigment technology and I can tell you I apply much less concealer whenever I wear this one. It has medium to an almost full coverage if you build it up, but don’t build it to an extreme or else it will cake up on you. Badly. When it comes to the finish, it gives you the most perfect, airbrushed, slightly powdery finish and it lasts for at least 12h on me.
It performs well on my oily skin but I’m not sure it’ll look the same applied to dry skin thanks to that powdery finish. It’s also extremely easy to blend, has SPF 10 and it feels light and comfortable on the skin. Sadly it oxidizes a little too but it is nothing too major.

#1 L’Óreal True Match

loreal true match foundation

Another holy grail! This foundation is one of the best in the drugstore, if not THE best. You can read my full review here.
It has medium to full coverage (you can build it up), it is easy to blend, doesn’t cake up on my skin and it doesn’t enhance any lines. It has a powdery, slightly matte finish to it so if you build it up too much it will easily look unnatural as your face will look too flat. If you apply it with a beauty blender though, you get a very natural, almost dewy finish, all the while enhancing the coverage level.
I find it controls my oily skin quite well but I still have to blot after about 6h and it feels quite light and comfortable, all the while lasting over 12h on me. Because of the finish, I don’t think those of you with dry skin will like it (I avoid this product like the plague when my skin dries up) because of its finish, but if you’re up to trying it go right ahead! 😛
There’s also a huge range of shades, so you’ll most likely find one that perfectly matches your skin tone and it has SPF 17.

This brings today’s post to a close and I have to say that, again, I really missed blogging and I’m happy to be back. I’m just not sure how able I’ll be to keep up with everything in my life because I work my little behind off these days. 😀
Until next time have fun! 😛



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