MIA! Yet again…

Hello everyone!

So, as you might have noticed, I have been gone for a huge while here.
First it was what happened with Nina and me not being up to making an effort to write or work or do anything really, so I decided I would step away from absolutely everything in my life for a while and have some “me time” until I was OK again. I did do it but somehow still managed to pass all my subjects in college so… that was good.
I had been applying for some jobs before this all happened (I had taken a break from my old job for over a year AKA I quit because I wanted something more challenging and fulfilling) and I had just gotten some job offers but I turned them all down because, again, I needed some time without any kind of worries. Then August came, I decided to get back to my normal routine, I got more job offers and one of them seemed challenging, new and fun so I decided that I would *maybe* give it a try (the maybe was because my interviewer, now my boss, kind of “attacked” me with some “mean” comments during the interview). After thinking things through with the help of my amazing boyfriend and mum (thank you, guys) I decided to take it and I’m glad I did. My boss is amazing and an excellent leader (he was probably being mean to check if I’d run away crying xD), my team is amazing and fun, I’m learning lots (I used to be an application programmer, now I am that and a web developer as well, I build and manage websites) and overall my new job is proving to be a good experience. 🙂 With 8h of work everyday, college and all the things I now had to take care of, I wasn’t able to figure out a way to have time while the sun was still up to take some pictures for the blog so I decided to think about it later.
That’s when my pulmonary infection decided to show up! I was pretty ill so I had to sit around at the house feeling like crap for 2 weeks, so what better time than this to take a bunch of pictures for the blog? I took about 100 pictures and I now have them waiting on the posts on my Dropbox, so that maybe I can get back to normal blogging here.
I’m planning on taking pictures on weekend mornings now because other than that I don’t really have time for it. I leave the house when the sun isn’t up yet and when I get back home it’s night already, which isn’t fun when you own no studio lights to make the pictures look decent.

Anyway, all this rambling just to let you know that, for as long as I can get some pictures taken, I’m back! Lets hope I’m not here saying I’m back and then disappear for another half a year. xD I’ve got some posts ready and I’ll probably post the first one in 1 or 2 days.
If you did stick around for this long a break on my part, thank you! It’s nice to not start from scratch here. 🙂
I’m leaving for the day because it’s 2 AM as I’m writing this, I’m still sick and I get up early for work tomorrow. Also I’m shaking like crazy, it’s probably the pill cocktail I’m taking as I refused to be admitted to the hospital and my doctor “conceded”, so I think going to bed is a good idea so that I don’t freak myself out thinking I’m dying or something. xD
Night night everyone!


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