Back to the blog

Hello everyone.

So, as you can probably guess by the title of this post, I’m back to writing on here. I have been off for three whole months but I feel like it’s finally time to get back and start living my life as I did before everything that made me stop writing happened.
As I write this, it’s been almost three months since my baby left me… I said that I’d come back to the blog just as soon as I felt OK with it all again. I’m not feeling completely OK with it yet but I need something to keep my mind busy other than work and PC games, so I have decided it will be good for me to come back, OK or not. So here I am. The next post will be coming soon. 🙂
So to end this post I bring news: other than my boyfriend and my mom, I have now got a new little helper – I got a kitten. I’m not trying to replace Nina here, obviously. You cannot replace someone with someone else, no matter how many cats I get they’ll never be her and the bond between me and the new cat will never be the same as the bond between me and Nina. But I thought it’d be a good distraction and I was right: my kitten is the devil in cat form… I’ve never had my arms this badly scratched on my entire life. xD
I introduce you to Kira. 😀


She looks like a little angel on this picture, but don’t let her fool you: she’ll destroy half of what you own and she’ll bite you all over while at it. xD
So I am leaving now, as I have a music festival to attend to (eheh) and I still have to start getting ready. I’m going to watch MUSE live, a birthday gift from my boyfriend. 🙂
Thanks for those of you who were here for me, I appreciate it. 🙂 Have fun, you guys!


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