Rant Alert: Animal Value

Today I have a bit of a controversial topic for you but this has been bugging me so much lately I don’t even care if I’ll get some hate from it or not. If you plan to keep reading, I should give you the heads’ up: this is a big ass post/rant.
So today every little inch of me is hurting and worried to an unbearable point as I have my best friend, my kid, my baby scared half to death somewhere in a cage probably thinking I abandoned her. I miss her in my bed and her “yelling” at me to pick her up and place her in it, and her biting my feet in a desperate attempt I’ll feed her some more because she lives for eating and sweetly annoying the heck out of me. I am talking about my cat that me and my boyfriend left at the vet this afternoon with a kidney completely destroyed in a hopeful attempt the other kidney’s function will get better with a 2 days hospitalization and a detailed plan of a very selective and controlled diet.
And then I look around, while being so desperate about the state of one little, amazing cat, and all I see is stories about all these animals being abused and killed treated as if their lives were worth next to nothing. And even more stories of people who do actually care about animals in general but are forced to give up on trying to save their own animals because something as simple as a visit to the vet costs almost a quarter of what they earn a month and they can’t possibly afford it.
And you know what? All of this made me think of what kind of country, or world really, we live in. Of how many poor animals died because their “owners” could not afford the necessary means to save them, even if it was some simple procedure, because they live in a country where animal healthcare is considered a premium, deluxe service. Of how many animals get unnecessarily and badly hurt on a daily basis because some ass thinks it’s fun to hurt others, independently of their species.
I mean, don’t get me wrong, I know most people and countries don’t give a rats’ ass for any form of life other than human’s and if you are one of them, I understand you probably don’t get where I am coming from. But is it that hard to at least respect the fact animals deserve to live in the best possible conditions just as much as we do?
Why the hell is testing on animals still a thing anywhere in this world? Why do people have to pay a fortune so that their pet can have a little bit better chance of surviving when our human healthcare here in Portugal is so cheap in comparison? Why the hell do dumb people abuse animals, abandon them, maim them, kill them even, and still walk around as if they were the most innocent things on earth? Why is it that in some countries (mine being one of them) animals are still considered to be a “thing” that are a possession of someone who can do with them as they well damn please rather than a privilege not everyone should be allowed to have? And, if you know Portugal’s legislation, I am well aware that abandoning a dog, a cat or such, or hurting them in any way without any need for it is (supposedly) punished by law, but are you really that naive you see a 6 months to 2 years prison penalty fit for hurting or killing an innocent live being? I personally don’t and I can honestly tell you as much of a sweet girl as I can be, would anyone even try to harm any of my babies on purpose, I would bury my little right foot so deep into their face you would be able to see through their skull. And would the threat of jail scare me? You should ask the moron who decided to hang my cat over 2 floors by her neck just for a gold ring, who walked away with 3 ribs broken, if I remember the right number.
It baffles me how little are animals worth to our world and society in general when our kindness towards them is the one main thing that indicates one’s character. Whether we’re talking about animals here or humans, all life supposedly has the same value and that is definitely not what we witness in our society. We are the master race, if we happen to use and abuse other forms of life out of sheer stupidity, who cares really? We’re the humans here, right? We set the rules.
And before anyone throws the so famous question about whether or not I’d want an animal’s life to be considered as important as mine if it came down to me or the animal, yes, I would. In fact, I have put myself in many dangerous situations for animals that weren’t even mine to begin with. I won’t be describing them here because this post isn’t meant as a way to praise myself because I’m “oh so perfect”, I’m actually really not, but yes, I have put my own life at risk for animals before. And in case you’re wondering no, I don’t value my life that little. I value other forms of life equally to how I value my own.
In fact, I value animals in general far more than I value most people because animals are, undoubtedly, better than we are on so many levels. They kill for feeding, not for fun or the lack of a hint of intelligence or consideration for others. They don’t hurt you because hey since I can, why not? If they do hurt you, they probably did so because they felt trapped and/or scared or that’s what their instinct commanded them to do. They are born with an ability to love unconditionally that very few of us ever reach. And yet most people in our world see them as things and a way to make money? I am ashamed of being a part of the world we live in, as most of us don’t have that much that truly defines us as humans other than our self-granted title of humans.
We, as a society, need to learn to respect other forms of life and we need to learn how to love, how to be kind. How to respect what surrounds us. We need to stop being so cruel, scheming and selfish. Countries need to start punishing those who harm other live beings for the fun of it and to make animal matters as important as human matters, as well as to care less about money and more about what good they can do with it. We’ll be better people that way, and the world in general will probably be a much better place.

f7dff3221c5eef601988d1b9And in the end I’ll probably be left with no money to go on vacation this year, which most likely means my boyfriend won’t go on vacation either. But you know what? All of the money I have isn’t enough to pay for the privilege of the both of us to spend one more day with my “little monkey”. She’s worth more to me than any money I could ever make and if that means I will have to give a lot of things up for a while just to have her with me one more day, happy and comfortable, then so be it.


I’m sorry for the rant everyone, but I am sick of how little value animals and such have to us and something seriously needs to be done about it. I also miss my little baby and I can’t sleep without her laying on my belly, so that’s probably another reason why I am so… meeeh!
Anyway, bye bye everyone. I’m going to try to get some sleep or something.



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