Catrice Absolute Matt Review

Hello everyone!

I recently went shopping with my best friend and bought a bunch of things, two of them being two of the Catrice Absolute eyeshadow palletes. There are four in total – Absolute Bright, Absolute Nude, Absolute Matt and Absolute Rose – and I bought the last two here. So today I decided to review the Catrice Absolute Matt eyeshadow palette for you!

catrice absolute matt eyeshadow paletteSix longlasting matt shades that suit anyone and any occasion – Simply a must-have! The silky and smooth texture comes in a variety of matt shades from light to dark and can be combined easily.

admincatrice absolute matt eyeshadow paletteThis is a 6 pan eyeshadow palette that comes in a plastic black case with a clear lid and shiny copper writing on it.
The palette is sturdy enough to carry around and the fact it closes securely makes it very travel friendly because you won’t have to worry about the case opening and ruining the contents of any bag you might be carrying it in.
It is also fairly small and sleek, and although it has no mirror, it comes with a brush. The brush really isn’t nothing special though: it has a sponge tip applicator and a brush end that feels very flimsy and not useful at all, at least to me.

admincatrice absolute matt eyeshadow paletteFirst off, as the name suggests, all the shades within this palette are mattes. And I was really surprised to find out they really are mattes, not just some velvet finish shades with a little shimmer thrown into the mix. There’s absolutely no shimmer to these and that makes them perfect for someone who’s just getting started with makeup.
All of the 6 shades are well balanced and go beautifully together, you have a nice selection of browns and taupes and all of the shades are essentially cool toned. I love the way they planned the shade selection: you have 2 light/highlighter shades, 2 medium shades and 2 deeper shades.

catrice absolute matt eyeshadow paletteThe shades don’t have names on them so I’ll describe them from left to right.

  • An almost white, very light vanilla shade that’s good to highlight with;
  • A light, nude pink shade that can also be used to highlight with, specially under the brow;
  • A light taupe with a little of a rose undertone;
  • A medium brown shade with a slight purple undertone;
  • A chocolate brown shade;
  • A deep brown with grey undertones.

Disclaimer: The picture above was highly edited to best showcase the real color of each shade.


admincatrice absolute matt eyeshadow palette swatches

adminI’m going to start with pigmentation here: it is not great but it isn’t bad either. The pigmentation is a lot better on the two darkest shades, which makes sense since they are, you know, darker… xD
Texture-wise, I found the first 4 shades a little powdery, while the last 2 are creamy. Overall they are soft though: they are all silky smooth and apply like a dream. The shades are all very to blend and to build up if you want a better color pay-off, which I personally really enjoy.
Upon noticing some shades are powdery, I was worried about the possible fallout, but I am happy to report I didn’t experience any fallout at all with these! This is something really important to me when it comes to eyeshadow as I hate doing my eyes first.

adminThese wore for about 12h on me without creasing or smearing of any kind, and that’s the longest I’ve worn them. They do fade a little throughout the day though, but I never, ever wear eyeshadow primer, so that is something to account for. At the end of the day the shadows are still where I placed them, just a little lighter in color.
Also, they have no fallout throughout the day either, which is something I have experienced before and just… no.

Overall, I really love this palette and I’ve been wearing it everyday since I got it. It is amazing for an everyday, natural eye makeup and this is actually my go-to palette when I have any job interviews.
It reminds me of the Naked Basics eyeshadow palette by Urban Decay, only a lot cheaper! It goes for about 5$ and it is especially awesome considering it’s practically impossible to find a decent all-matte eyeshadow palette in the drugstore.

This is all for today’s post, I hope you liked it and, as usual, thank you for reading! Until next time, have fun!


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