Essence Eye Sorbet: Review & Swatch

Hello everyone!

Last night I decided to rummage through my makeup drawers in search of something I haven’t tried yet because, you know, I get bored of my usual makeup too and I found the Essence Eye Sorbet in 02 Illuminating Raspberry, a cream eyeshadow.
This was something my boyfriend bought for me last summer (you can read about that haul here) and I was really excited to try it as they’re a more affordable version of the Maybelline Color Tattoos and this pink color really called out to me but I ended up forgetting about it because I was waiting until I could take some pictures and review it. Now that I have found it, here comes a review!

essence eye sorbet in 02 illuminating raspberryHighlighting eye color. The innovative, long-lasting, gel-like mousse-texture is easy to apply with your finger. Beautiful shades with light coverage and lots of shimmer are sure to make your eyes shine as bright as the stars!

adminessence eye sorbet in 02 illuminating raspberryThe product comes in a sturdy tiny glass pot with a screw on white plastic lid. The printing on the lid goes with the color of the product inside, so it’s really easy for you to find the color you want amongst all of your makeup.
It’s also very light and the lid closes securely, so it’s really good for carrying around with you as well, and there’s 0,10 oz/3 g of product inside.
The packaging is very simple and the lid looks slightly cheap but it’s amazing for the product’s price point!

adminThere are 6 shades available within the line:

  • 01 Illuminating Pineapple – a soft yellow color;
  • 02 Illuminating Raspberry – a beautiful pink color;
  • 03 Illuminating Kiwi – a pastel green color;
  • 04 Illuminating Plum – this is not a plum color, it’s basically a shimmery silver with slight brown undertones;
  • 05 Illuminating Hazelnut – an orange-y light brown color;
  • 06 Illuminating Coconut – a pearly white color.

I am reviewing only the 02 Illuminating Raspberry shade here because I can’t find these anywhere, but if I can get my hands on some more I’ll add them here.

adminessence eye sorbet in 02 illuminating raspberry swatch

These shadows have a smooth, soft, creamy texture that really does feel mousse-like. They feel really light and airy as well, which makes them comfortable to wear throughout the day.
Pigmentation-wise, these apply very evenly but they are not as pigmented on the eyelids as they look in the pot. Upon swatching these, you notice they are much more glittery and shimmery than they look in the pot and that really mutes the base color down quite a bit. Yes, there is actual glitter in these but it is very fine and tiny.
Despite the amount of glitter these shades have I didn’t experience any fallout and due to their creaminess I found them very easy to work with. I’d apply them with my fingers instead of a brush though, as it is hard to pick up any decent product with a brush due to the consistency of these shadows.
I didn’t notice any creasing either but I don’t have particularly oily eyelids anyway and even though you can pick a very faint scent to this product when you smell it directly from the pot, it goes unscented when applied.

adminThese shadows are very long-lasting and they lasted me for about 10h without a primer underneath. There was no fading, no creasing and no running down my face either and the 10h mark is only due to the fact that as soon as I get home, I take all of my makeup off, so it can probably last longer than that.

This is the end of today’s post and despite the amount of shimmer in this product that makes it less pigmented than it could be, I’d definitely recommend it as it comes in gorgeous shades and has a pretty good staying power. Also, it is great for us, lazy girls, who can’t be bothered to put on eyeshadow on a daily basis. Just swipe a tiny bit of this onto your eyelids to light up your eyes and you are good to go. Or maybe wear it as a base for eyeshadow? So many options!
And come on, for only $3,99 a pot, what are you waiting for? It’s a steal!
I hope you liked today’s post, thank you for reading and, until next time, have fun! 😛



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