How I Survive Exam Season

Hello everyone!

102438685f8773d36c89ec1538c61815So you probably noticed I’ve been gone for a (big) while. I am not trying to excuse myself here or anything but though I love this blog, I have to prioritize stuff. I typically do so by ditching skating practice, taekwondo practice and everything else in my life BUT studying and that’s how I make it through exam season (barely) alive, ahah.
Now yeah, I probably wouldn’t need to temporarily give up everything in my life if I was the kind of girl to do daily or even weekly studying, but well, old habits die hard, ahah. I never studied up until college which makes me lazy when it comes to frequent studying so I typically take the whole exam season off of everything to go and study it all and pray it’s enough. 😀 I still go to engineering school (computer engineering) after all and if my way of doing it isn’t dumb, it is suicidal at best, ahah.

d8a8e5ee38e1b661769a375ae4760e88So whenever you notice I’ve been gone for a long time, exams are probably the reason behind my absence, and for that I am so sorry. I know a lot of people can maintain their blog while studying for their finals but I’m not one of them, and I’m honestly so sick and tired of college that at this point I’ll do almost anything to just get it over with and finally get a job and start my own life. Yes, I’m kicking this blog to the background whenever college demands my time and I’d rather not, but I want my future now and I’m already far too late.
All of this talking just to let you know that I’m only missing two exams at this point (one of which I’ll probably drop anyway) and I’ll be done by the 3rd of February, so the blog should get back to normal for good now, until at least mid summer, as I’ll have more exams by then.
Thank you for still staying here even though I haven’t been around for a while, I really appreciate it. 🙂



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