My Top 3 Fall/Winter Fragrances

Hello everyone!

I have recently got some questions about my favorite fragrances for the Winter season and I decided to answer those on a post form because that sounded like a good idea to me. But, if you noticed the title of this post, it says Fall and Winter seasons. That’s because, like I have said before, I am a creature of habit, and once I find something I really like, I tend to stick to it for a long time. These have remained unchanged for maybe 5 years so there you go. Also, I typically stick to just one fragrance for the majority of the time, so selecting three fragrances instead of just one was a challenge all on its own. But lets start!

my top three favorite fall winter fragrances

If you know the fragrances pictured above, you know the selection I made is strongly vanilla based. No, that was not intentional, that’s just what I’m naturally attracted to. If you want to get me something and can’t think of anything you can never go wrong with a perfume that has a strong vanilla base. I absolutely LOVE vanilla.

Vanille Bourbon by Yves Rocher

vanille bourbon by yves rocherI am starting with this one because it’s only note is rich, deep and pure vanilla.
This fragrance is seriously long-lasting and just smells delicious. It has a warm, powdery, soft and somewhat sweet scent that reminds me of Christmas because that’s when it was gifted to me back when I was 14. When you’ve just spritzed it on it smells like burnt sugar and it just makes you want to eat the bottle! xD
I believe this was the first real fragrance I ever owned and it took me 10 years to track it down and repurchase it but I did.

Burberry Women by Burberry

burberry burberry womenIn case you couldn’t recognize it by the name, this is the classic version of the Burberry perfume. The reason my bottle is different is that the original fragrance didn’t last on my skin so I found a company that does the same fragrances without the pretty bottles but that actually makes them last and bought this one there.
This fragrance is the perfect fruity/vanilla combination, powdery, warm, sweet, with a woody-floral heart. The main notes are vanilla, peach, pear, musk, cedar, black currant, apple, sandalwood and jasmine. It’s a simple fragrance that is beautifully blended.
This is the fragrance that I wear every single day and I just can’t stop sniffing myself. xD I love this fragrance to death.

Amor Amor by Cacharel

cacharel amor amorThis one is an odd pick for me because I don’t like citrus scents but I absolutely adore this scent for some kind of reason.
This is a fruity and citrus fragrance and like the previous ones I showed you, it has a strong vanilla base as well. The main notes are orange, grapefruit, mandarin orange, vanilla, musk, black currant, jasmine, rose, amber, lily, bergamot and cedar. This fragrance is sweet and delicious, young and warm.

This is all for today’s post and please let me know what your fragrances for this season Winter are, I love to find new fragrances. Also, if you have any strong vanilla based ones… I’d love you forever if you’d share those with me… ❤ 😀
I’m gonna get going now, I hope you liked today’s post and thank you for reading!
Until next time have fun! 😀



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