What I Got For Christmas 2014

Hello everyone!

I know I’m far too late but how was your Christmas and New Year’s Eve??
I spent Christmas somewhere near the end of the world but at least I had a good fire to keep me warm, lots of sweet stuff and some of my family around! I just recently got back!
As for New Year’s Eve, I spent it with some of my best friends and in the company of the best boyfriend I could ever wish for so I’m saying it was pretty epic. 😀
I don’t know about you but I personally love to see what people got for Christmas because, you know, I’m a nosey person, so today I’m showing you what I got for Christmas!

Something that a lot of people don’t know about me is that I absolutely love watches in general, but those are expensive and I am the feminine version of Scrooge McDuck, so I never buy myself any. Heck, I don’t even believe I ever bought myself one. So knowing that, my awesome mom had to go and get me not one but two watches!
The first one she got me is a Swatch Full-Blooded in silver because that’s my favorite color when it comes to jewellery and accessories and I just love it. 😀

swatch irony full-blooded silverThe other one is by a brand called SD&N and I don’t know its model because my mom bought it at a local jewelry store and it has nothing written on it anywhere. It’s in a gold color with little crystals all around the face with a white rubber bracelet. I’m probably going to change the bracelet on this one because my mom won’t shut up about how it doesn’t match the actual watch, lol.

sd&n watchOn to the presents I got from my boyfriend, he went all out. <.<
First he got me the Vanilla Brulee Tin of Delights from The Body Shop, which comes with 4 full size products; the eau de toilette, a body butter, a body polish and a lip balm. It also comes with a mini crinkle bath lily, which looks super cute!

the body shop tin of delightsFor a vanilla scent overload, he also got me the Vanilla Body Mist. xD

the body shop vanilla body mistDo you recognize the dress on the picture? 😀 It is very similar to the one I featured on my Simple Christmas Outfit Idea post and my boyfriend found it on Bershka, a line of clothing stores owned by the same company that owns Zara and present mostly in Europe. You can also find it here.
I’m showing you a picture from the brand’s website because I haven’t gotten around to take a picture wearing the dress yet and this post is getting way overdue so heh.

bershka lace hem dress

He also got me a cream colored knit scarf from Stradivarius, another store that is part of the same group as Bershka and Zara, and you can find it here (it’s called the Scarf with Fringing…?).

stradivarius scarf with fringing

His mom got me a present too, a bracelet with a Turkish eye (I’m not sure how it’s called in English, I translated it directly, but it’s a blue stone with a little eye in the center meant to protect you from jealousy and such), a little red bow thing meant for protection and a little charm with crystals on it. 🙂


Finally I had a gift card that was just about to expire, so I decided to treat myself to a fancy Christmas gift.
I picked up the much lusted over (by myself) Yves Saint Laurent Rouge Volupté in the shade 9 Caress Pink! I have literally been drooling over this lipstick in the Sephora stores for like 2 years now and I finally bought it. 😀

yves saint laurent rouge volupte in 9 rose caresseThis is all for today’s post as I didn’t want to feature the other items I got (money, candy, a music box, etc) and I want to know what you got for Christmas too if you haven’t done a post on it yet! Yup, I’m nosey like that. Pretty please? :3

Also, a huge thanks to my whole family for everything they got me, just having you guys in my life is good enough of a gift, I don’t need anything else really. 😀 And yes, before you complain you (my boyfriend) are part of the family too. 😛
I’m going to be on my way now as I need to study my little behind off. Exam season is just getting started and I need as much help as I can get to keep calm, learn my stuff and pass it all while being stylish, ahah. xD
Thank you for reading and until next time have fun!



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