Sleek i-Divine Celestial: Review & Swatches

Hello everyone!

I’m finally back with another review for you all!
Last year, somewhere in the month of November, Sleek launched the i-Divine Celestial, a limited edition eyeshadow palette with twelve festive, sparkly and glittery shades that are very appropriate for the festive season we’re still on. I didn’t have it last year because, well, I live at the end of the world, but now I do have it and, since it’s almost New Year’s Eve, I decided to review it for you!
I’m sorry though, this post has been sitting here for like a month now and it ended up not being published before Christmas, which was what I was aiming for. 😛

sleek i-divine celestial eyeshadow palette

Create stunning eye looks for every skin tone with 12 shades of super-pigmented eye shadows.
Each i-Divine includes a dark definer shade to shape, enhance and line the eye.


sleek i-divine eyeshadow palette

This is a 12 pan eyeshadow palette that comes in the usual Sleek sturdy matte black plastic case. Inside you can find a big mirror that can be adjusted to the angle you want and a standard sponge-tip applicator which, allied with the fact this palette closes very securely, makes it very travel-friendly.
The only thing I dislike here is the fact this palette does not have the shade names printed on the actual case, the names can only be found on a plastic cover that covers the eyeshadows, which is not practical at all.


sleek i-divine celestial eyeshadow palette shades

As I have already mentioned above, there are 12 shades within this palette, and they all go beautifully together. There’s a varied color range and, in my opinion, the shades are mostly Autumnal type colors, though you can use them for both day and night looks.
Also, as far as I am aware, all of the shades in this palette are new shades you can’t find anywhere else but I could be wrong here. Please correct me if I am. 🙂
All of the shades feature cosmic names to go with the theme of the palette and I think the colors suit the theme perfectly.
You also have a variety of finishes here, that vary between mattes, shimmers and metallics. Bellow I provide a description of the shades:


  • Solar – A cranberry shade with silver glitter, shimmery finish.
    The base shade reminds me of the MAC Cranberry, the difference being the latter has no shimmer in it.
  • Astral Blue – This shade is somewhere in between a royal blue and a purply blue with tiny silver glitter speckles, shimmery finish.
  • Aurora – A mid toned green with tiny silver glitter speckles, shimmery finish.
  • Galactic – A metallic finish silver.
  • Earth Shine – A deep navy also with tiny silver glitter speckles, shimmery finish.
  • Dark Matter – A greenish black with (again) tiny silver glitter speckles, shimmery finish.


  • Stargaze – An almost matte pale violet with a slight shimmer to it.
  • Saturn’s Ring – A duo chrome purple shade with pink and blue reflections, metallic finish.
  • Meteoric – A matte rusty red.
  • Terrestrial – A matte soft lime green.
  • Lunar – A duo chrome bluish silver, metallic finish.
  • Eclipse – Another duo chrome shadow, a brown with forest green reflections. Metallic finish.

Disclaimer: The pictures above were highly edited in an attempt to best depict the real colors of the shades.


sleek i-divine celestial top row swatches

sleek i-divine celestial bottom row swatches


Lets talk pigmentation first. Most of the shades in the palette are extremely pigmented, except for Terrestrial and maybe Stargaze. You can barely see Terrestrial on the swatches and nope, that was not the lighting. I literally couldn’t see the shade on my arm.
Texture-wise, most of the shades are soft and creamy but the mattes are the exception here, which I found to be a little on the dry and chalky side.
Finally, some shades show some fallout, but it’s nothing major and you can always do your eyes before your foundation to avoid any problems with this. Now I experienced some fall out from Dark Matter a few hours after application but I do have a tendency to pack on too much eyeshadow sometimes when going for a smoky eye, so that was probably why that happened.
I also found these shadows very easy to blend out and together.


I found these shadows to last quite a good while on my eyelids, as without any primer they last me for about 8h until they start fading. If you want them to last you all day without any creasing or falling off of your eyelids, you can always wear an eyeshadow primer underneath.

The i-Divine palettes go for $9,99 each and despite the formula of the mattes not being exceptionally good in this one, I still think it is worth the money. You get a fairly varied range of shades here, some of them are quite unique and the metallics and shimmers are exceptionally pigmented and long lasting. For only $9,99 what are you waiting for? 😛
This is all for today’s post, I hope you liked it and, as usual, thank you for reading! Until next time, have fun you guys. 😛



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