Dress Ideas for the Party Season

Hello everyone!

I’m finally baaaack!
Before I had so many projects and exams all at the same time, I was planning on doing a little guide for dresses for the party season ahead. It’s been like a month now since I started planning it out and I still didn’t have time to finish anything but one outfit. I’m only missing the accessories on all of the others, but that still means a lot of searching to be done if I want to post something I like and feel happy about.
With that being said, I have decided that unless I suddenly manage to have some more free time I’m only going to post maybe 1 or 2 outfits and tell you about one store where you can get some gorgeous dresses for every occasion.

CD0101PromTimes is, to the best of my knowledge, an online store that was just launched where you can find tons of dresses for any kind of party you might attend.
They have Prom dresses, cocktail dresses and evening dresses, most of them for 100£ or less, with some of them between 100£ and 200£. You can even find bridesmaid dresses for less than 100£!

PD1212Also, their selection is huge and you can find pretty much any dress you might want (I spent 2h browsing their site looking for a New Year’s Eve dress and still didn’t manage to see all of them).

PD0389You can even find your perfect dress by filtering the results on the panel on the left side of each page by selecting certain characteristics you want your dress to have like its shape, fabric, color, etc. Sounds promising, huh?

CD0785PromTimes ships worldwide and you can sometimes even get free shipping and nice discounts. They also offer product warranty: they guarantee that all products bought off of their site are of the highest quality.

ED0065I’m sorry for the picture overload, but I wanted to show you the many styles of dresses they have and I loved so many of them I just couldn’t choose. 🙂ED0173This is all for today’s post and I’m so sorry that I haven’t been posting lately. I’ve had far too much work to do and not nearly enough sleep. 😦 Luckily as my friends (my work group) ditched our last college project I’m free as of today!
Anyway, I need some sleep now. I hope you liked the dresses I chose and thank you for reading!


Disclaimer: This is a sponsored post BUT, as always, everything written in it was written by me alone, stating either my personal opinion and/or my own search on the issue. There’s no “say this and that” around here and all the dresses displayed were chosen by me.


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