Simple Christmas Outfit Idea

Hello everyone!

With Christmas quickly approaching, I’m starting to look out for little bits and pieces to plan my outfit for Christmas Eve and the family dinner and all of that. I thought I’d share some ideas with you guys and because I have too many.
If I have the time I’ll be putting maybe about 5 of these together for you so I’m organizing them by style. I’m starting with simple, more casual (but still very girly!) outfits so that’s what I’m doing today!

Simple Christmas Outfit

Mesh Heart Lace Dress from LookBook Store, $26 (the red version is sold out at the moment, but you can also find it on ChichiMe for $40).
Patent Flower Flat Shoe from AX Paris, $57
Therapy Amy Clutch Handbag from House of Fraser, $55
Velveteen Bow Headwrap from Forever 21, $3.80
Rose Gold Tiny Star Bracelet from Etsy – PetiteCo, $12.95
Gold and Crystals Teeny Star Bracelet from Etsy – PetiteCo, $13
Rose Gold Tiny Star Necklace from Etsy – PetiteCo, $14.80
Rose Gold Tiny Star Earrings from Etsy – AvaHopeDesigns, $14

The outfit above is the simplest of all the ones I’m putting together. I’m hoping I’ll be posting another one that’s kind of similar to this one but a little “amped up” but I still have to find the right jewerly.
I wanted to put together a somewhat casual outfit with some details to polish it up only a little, which is why I’ve picked such simple, dainty jewelery and paired it with shiny flats and a handbag. By the way, the necklace is the same color as the rest of the jewelery, I just made the mistake of editing the picture without noticing it and when I did notice it, it was too late.
Lastly, I added the headband because I thought it’d give the whole outfit a cute, sweet touch.

I’m so sorry I haven’t been posting much guys but I seriously haven’t had much time for anything. I can finally get back to practice and I’ve been to Taekwondo only once this month. 😦 Hopefully in a week’s time the blog will be back to normal so please bear with me! 😛
This is all for today’s post and although I wanted to show you two outfits today I will be saving the second one for later when I have it all put together.
Anyway, I hope you liked today’s post, thank you for reading and, until next time, have fun!



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