Essence All About Sunrise: Review & Swatches

Hello everyone!

Very, very long ago I promised you guys a review on the Essence All About Sunrise palette but I, being blessed with an amazing, perfect memory, completely forgot. It occurred to me today I never got around to doing it, so I am doing it now! You can also find an eye look I did with this palette here.

essence all about sunrise eyeshadow palette

Six eyeshadow colours harmonizing with each other. Long-lasting. Silky and smooth texture with different effects ranging from matte to shimmer to metallic.


These shadows come in a 6 pan clear plastic case with no mirror or brushes/applicators inside. Despite the lack of a mirror, this palette is still very appropriate for traveling, due to it being very compact, light and really sturdy. The lid closes securely too, so you don’t have to worry about the case opening up and making a mess inside your bag.


First off, Essence claims to have a range of different finishes here – matte, metallic and shimmer. It does have shimmers and metallics but it is definitely lacking a matte shade. I think the last shade in the pan was supposed to be matte but it is actually a satin finish.
Shade-wise, this palette has warm, gold toned neutrals with two brighter pops of color: the yellow gold shade and the orange shade. All of the shades in this palette weave together beautifully and you can actually create a lot of different looks with it.
Here you have a description of each shade:

essence all about sunrise top row shades

  1. A pearly pale champagne color with a metallic finish;
  2. A rose gold shade with a shimmery finish;
  3. A taupe color with a shimmery, slightly metallic finish;

essence all about sunrise bottom row

  1. A warm yellow-y gold with a metallic finish;
  2. A strong peachy orange color with much more shimmer than the rest of the shades;
  3. A deep chocolate brown with a satin finish;


essence all about sunrise swatches


Almost all of the shades in the palette have a very smooth, buttery and silky texture to them, with the last one being the exception here, as it feels slightly powdery.
They also have quite the amazing pigmentation, but the last shade is (again) the exception here, as it’s less pigmented than the rest (it doesn’t look like it because I went over the swatch about 4 times to show you the real color). It can be a good thing if you tend to go heavy on the darkening the eye look and ruin it, but when you want to quickly darken your eye makeup this shade doesn’t deliver much.
I noticed some fallout, but that’s to be expected from these more buttery, rich eyeshadows. It actually has less fallout than my Naked 3 palette, so it seriously isn’t that bad. They are also very easy to apply and to blend, while still sticking to the eyelids and staying in place.
You can also make these shadows much more metallic and intense if you apply them with a wet brush or with your fingers.


I found these to last long on my eyelids, but I have to note they are not overly oily.
Without a primer underneath, they lasted me for about 7h until they started fading. With a primer, I got around 9h of wear out of these, which is pretty amazing.
When they finally start to fade, they fade gradually, slowly and only a little.

This is the end of this post and as a conclusion, I think at $4,99/€4,49 this palette is an extremely good price for such a high quality product. It’s definitely worth it, as many of the products by Essence are, they’re just (sadly) underrated.
I’m gonna get going now and I hope you liked the review. Also, if you are planning on getting this palette, don’t you dare changing your mind! 😛
Thank you for reading and until next time have fun! 😛



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