Real Techniques Expert Face Brush: Review

Hello everyone!

I have a new review today on a product I have pretty much been raving about for the last 2 months. Yup, I love it so much I can’t shut up about it. It’s the Real Techniques Expert Face Brush, primarily (but not exclusively) recommended to apply liquid and cream foundation and part of the Flawless Base line (the yellow handle brushes).

For those of you who don’t know (Is there anyone who even fits into this category?) Real Techniques is a brand created by two sisters, Samantha and Nicola Chapman, best known on Youtube as the Pixiwoo sisters. The aim of the creators was to come up with great quality makeup tools for a really affordable price. And you know what? They certainly succeeded. 🙂

real techniques expert face brush


This brush has a bulky aluminum handle and a wide black rubber base, which lets the brush stand on its own – perfect if you want to display it on your vanity, but a nightmare if you want to store it inside a makeup cup holder.
Regarding its weight, it’s not too heavy but not too light either, it falls somewhere in between. A very precise description, eh? xD


real techniques expert face brush

The first thing I noticed here was how tiny this brush head is when compared to the majority of other face brushes I know. But worry not – it delivers beautifully! 😀
The bristles are very soft because they are synthetic, making the brush itself cruelty free. 😀 They are also extremely dense at the base of the brush head and semi-dense at the top.
The ferrule is pinched to give the brush head a flat, slightly tapered shape and the top of the brush is round so it can be a multi-purpose tool. Very versatile!


This brush provides a flawless, natural finish to the skin that makes your foundation apply so smoothly your skin actually looks airbrushed! You are left with no lines, streaks or any kind of crease at all.
Also, this tool is extremely easy to work with, as it effortlessly gets under the eyes and around the nose while easily blending the product to perfection.
Application with this brush provides medium to full coverage and it doesn’t cake your foundation up on building due to how thinly it layers product. This means you’ll only need a tiny amount of product to cover your whole face and, contrarily to what I’ve seen people report, I don’t think it absorbs too much product (maybe because of how I use it, I don’t know, more information on that below).
After experimenting a little, I found out that if you use this brush wet (removing the excess water first) you can actually amp up the provided coverage even more, while still keeping the natural finish. Also, if you apply too much bronzer or blush, this is a good tool to blend it all out and fix the mistake.


I found this brush to be very easy to clean and extremely quick to dry despite being so dense when compared to any other brushes I have. After 2 months of weekly washes it still keeps its shape perfectly and I didn’t notice any shedding at all. It doesn’t stain easily either, as it looks brand new after being clumsily washed.


The common “mistake” I see people do here is applying foundation directly to the brush head – this makes the bristles soak up the product and absorb it, which means you’ll have to clean it sooner and you’ll waste foundation that could otherwise be used.
How I do it then? I put foundation on the back of my hand, dot it all over my face and then use the brush to spread it and blend it all out in circular motions. This results on saving product and brush wash time!

Overall, this is a very durable, high quality makeup tool that gives brands the likes of MAC a run for their money for a fraction of the price. You can get this brush from the Real Techniques site for $9 or, if you don’t enjoy waiting, from Ulta (USA) or Boots (UK). It’s definitely worth it in my opinion and I haven’t used any other brush to apply foundation with ever since I got it. I’m sure I’ll soon be getting some more products from this brand I’m so hooked!

This wraps up today’s post, I’m sorry for it being soooo long but I just had so much to tell you about this little wonder I just couldn’t stop typing! I hope you liked it and if you are thinking about purchasing this brush just stop thinking about it and go get it. 😛
Thank you for reading!



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