AVON Stardust: Review & Swatch

Hello everyone!

For Fall 2014, AVON decided to bring back the textured polish trend with the new Stardust nail polish collection and I can’t say I am disappointed, being the little glitter junkie that I am.
With that being said, I have decided to bring you guys a review on these today!

avon stardust radiant pink

The only color I got this one on was Radiant Rose, which I am aware isn’t available in the USA for some reason, so I’m sorry for that, fellow American girlfriends. 🙂 On the plus side though, you guys have got shades we haven’t here, like the Crystallized Pink one. But I’m just babbling here and not actually giving you anything useful about the polish so lets get to it!


The shades you have available depend on what country you’re in but globally there’s a total of 7 shades to choose from:

  • Cherry Dazzler: a red color;
  • Polished Plum: as you could probably guess, a dark purple;
  • Silver Crystals: a silver color;
  • Black Sequins: a black;
  • Radiant Rose: a hot pink shade, the one I am reviewing;
  • Teal Glitter/Jewel Blue: a dusty blue color;
  • Crystallized Pink: a pale, soft pink.


These polishes are 3D glitter nail polishes with a textured finish, which I can see being useful and appropriate as the celebrating season approaches, with Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Years Eve…
The formulation is great, I was good to go with one coat, though I did two because I always do. This nail polish applies very smooth and opaque, definitely pigmented, while not being overly textured. Your nails don’t become gritty or look like they have weird bumps on them, neither do they tug on your knit clothes, which is very important to anyone who wears the heck out of comfy and warm jumpers at this time of the year!
Also, the glitter is not overly shinny like disco ball on your nails but it is beautifully noticeable.


This one lasted 4 or 5 days on my nails with no chipping at all.
The one feature I love about this nail polish is that while it lasts, it can be removed easily too! I love glitter nail polish but I hate to remove it because I almost pull my fingers out trying to remove it. I removed this one with my usual AVON Nail Experts Remover and one cotton pad on each hand and in about 3 minutes it was all cleaned off. Couldn’t ask for more.


avon stardust in radiant rose

For the final verdict, I have to say that I’m definitely going to try to get my little mitts on some more colors of this product because I love glitter polish (Eh, skater syndrome.) and these are amazing quality! I actually think these are very comparable to the Zoya Magical PixieDust ones (review here).
If you like this kind of product, I’d recommend you get it as soon as possible because they are that good and they sell for £6/$6 (full price) from any AVON seller.

This pretty much wraps up today’s post and I have to get going now because between projects and tests, I’m seriously considering telling my teachers to go *insert bad word here* someone else and just sleep! xD That’s how little time to do anything else other than college I’ve had lately, on top of some seriously crazy treatment for cluster headaches that gives me altered speech and altered brain function. Sounds fun, eh? xD
Anyway, I hope you liked today’s post and, until next time, have fun! Also, thank you for reading and keeping up with my craziness. 😛



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