The Foundation Tag

Hello everyone!

Have you been following this blog for a while? Maybe? Yeah? I love foundation. I just do. I am also subscribed to Emily Noel on Youtube and she recently did the foundation tag. Again, I love foundation sooo… can you guess? I had to go and do it too. 😀

the foundation tag

1. Best packaging?
L’Óreal True Match Foundation (review here).
I really love the packaging on this one. It’s sturdy, it has a pump and it looks good.

2. Best color payoff?
Estée Lauder Double Wear.
It has amazing coverage. Enough said.

3. Most versatile/buildable?
Bourjois 123 Perfect Foundation.
You can build and build and build and it keeps looking (relatively) natural!

4. Best for travel?
AVON Ideal Flawless BB Cream.
This comes in a squeeze tube, plus being a BB Cream it always looks good and natural, so no matter your lighting conditions, you’ll always look nice when wearing this one.

5. Biggest regret?
Clinique Superfit Makeup.
This one is really old and it was my first foundation ever. A lady at Sephora recommended it to me because I had lots of acne and this foundation was supposed to almost completely cover it while treating it and still look good and natural.
Guess what? It oxidized badly, it made my acne that much more obvious, it caked up big time and I was left with a major breakout. And nope, I did not apply tons of product, I would apply the tiniest amount possible. Absolutely hate this foundation for life.

6. Best color names?
L’Óreal True Match Foundation.
There are loads of shades, going from light to dark and divided into cool, neutral and warm undertones. You can’t ask for much better.

7. Least used?
Maybelline Super Stay 24H.
There isn’t a light enough shade for me, so whenever I wear this one for too long and it starts to wear off, my face gets all patchy and blotchy. I like the formula to a point, I just wish there was a lighter shade because I don’t enjoy an orange face. 😛

8. Most used/loved?
AVON Ideal Flawless BB Cream.
I liked the no-makeup makeup look for daily use, and this is a BB Cream with an amped up coverage, so you can pretty much guess why I use this one the most. I get the coverage I need while still having my face looking natural, plus it lasts the whole day and never cakes up.

This is all for today, I hope you liked this post and if you’re a foundation addict like me make sure to do your take on this tag!
If you’re noticing an odd lack of pictures, I figured you probably know the majority of these foundations, and the odd one you don’t, you can Google. This way I didn’t fill the post up with images that take a while to load on slower connections. 🙂 Always thinking of you guys!
Thank you for reading everyone and until next time have fun! 😀



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