My Top 3 Favorite Face Masks

Hello everyone!

I recently posted a short, quick version of my skincare routine as a response to a couple of requests I got but I didn’t post any face masks because it’d make it too long. Continuing on the skincare issue here, I am showing you guys the 3 face masks I use most often just because!

First up is the Planet Spa Revitalising Retreat Peel Off Face Mask by Avon.

AVON Planet Spa Revitalising Retreat Peel Off Face Mask

This is your pretty basic, standard mask, which is why I love it. It makes my skin feel clean, soft, refreshed and revitalized after I use it. Not very fancy, that’s true, but it does everything I expect from a very basic face mask for a very low price; I believe it sells for around 8€.
Plus, it’s a peel off mask! Is there anything more fun than peeling off your face mask and scaring the heck out of a friend of yours going “OMG, my skin is falling off!!!” while you jump all around them pretending to panic?! No? Maybe that’s just me, then.

Next is another AVON product: the Clearskin Professional Liquid Extraction Strip.

AVON Clearskin Professional Liquid Extraction Strip

This one I actually stole from my mom. 😀 Sorry, mom! You know I love you, right? :3
I have oily skin, prone to blackheads. This is the mask I use to minimize the amount of those I actually have. This is also a peel off mask that you’re supposed to concentrate only on the areas where you have blackheads you want to remove because it’s quite harsh on the skin when you pull it (it really really sticks).
A supposedly far better alternative to this one that I’ve heard of is the Annie’s Way Arbutin + Hyaluronic Acid Jelly Mask, which I don’t use simply because it is not sold in my country and it’d cost me around 20€ in shipping alone just to import it here.

Finally, the last mask I want to show you guys is the Rituals Absolute Firming Mask.

Rituals Absolute Firming Mask

This mask is the one I love the most but also the one I use the least. I am 24, and this mask is aimed at more mature skins than mine so I try to use it only once a month or so. It makes your skin look smoother and firmer over time, helping to fade wrinkles and lines. I have a deep smile line on the left side of my mouth and this mask has been helping a lot. 🙂

Those are all the masks I wanted to show you guys today and if you notice there’s no GlamGlow ones in here don’t panic and just know this: it’s not that I don’t like them, it’s that I don’t have them. xD They are new over here in Portugal, I couldn’t reason with myself to part with a load of money just for shipping before, and I am currently trying to get my hands on some of those now that they are available in my country. When I do, I am pretty sure they will make an appearance here on the blog, so there.
This is all for today’s post, I’m going to be leaving now because I have work up to my ears and a new headache treatment that’s basically making my brain go kind of slow, sleepy, crazy and achy all at the same time and yeah, I hope you liked this post! xD
Thank you for reading and until next time have fun everyone! 😀



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