L’Oréal Paris True Match Foundation: Review & Swatch

Hello everyone!

Today I have a foundation review for you all because, hey, lets be honest here – the blog has been getting left behind because I have so much stuff to do I don’t even remember to keep on writing posts. Not because I don’t like to… Because I haven’t been sleeping enough for some weeks, so I can barely remember anything these days. xD
On to what’s important here: foundation! (for me at least…)

So here is the L’Oréal Paris True Match Foundation in C2 Rose Vanilla (UK)/Natural Ivory (USA), which is said to be a dupe to the Luminous Silk Foundation by Giorgio Armani!

l'oreal paris true match foundation

True Match precisely matches your skin’s tone and texture. Formulated with Precise Match Technology so you can control coverage and fine-tune it. Formula contains no oils, fragrances, or pore-clogging fillers, so all you see is beautiful, radiant, flawless skin.


This foundation comes in a clear glass bottle that seems sturdy enough to travel with. I have dropped it about three times and it still lived to tell the tale, so I’m going with a “it’s pretty dang sturdy”. Pump? Check! And it even has a lid to cover it, so it’s all good in this area.
As for the amount of product, you get 30 ml/1 fl. oz., which is pretty standard.


This foundation has a pretty good shade range, specially for a drugstore product.
There are over 20 shades and they are basically divided in three groups: C (cool tone), N (neutral tone) and W (warm tone), which makes it easy for one to get their exact shade accordingly to their skin’s undertone. On each group, the shades go from light to dark.
Well, unless you come across a makeup artist who thinks of herself as a matching genius and matches you to a cool undertone when you’re a neutral, leaning warm one. That’s what happened to me as I walked into the L’Oréal store and I ended up buying the cool tone thinking, “Hey, maybe I’m wrong and she’s right!”. Nowadays I have a pink face as a reminder to not doubt myself when it comes to makeup. :3


This foundation is advertised as having a creamy texture, but it is actually liquid-y, quite runny and silky.
It claims to give you a natural, flawless finish but I disagree here. I can see why they say it’ll give you a flawless finish – I found this foundation to cover acne marks, redness and general discoloration like no other (only 1 layer needed), because of its medium, build-able coverage. But this foundation has a semi-matte (leaning on matte) finish that doesn’t strike even me (my face is a grease ball) as natural. Yes, it’s good on keeping oil at bay but it is definitely not natural. It also gives your skin a very nice looking from-within glow and dries to an almost-powdery finish, which makes your skin look amazing.


Typically I apply only one layer of this foundation and I don’t powder my face because it is matte already and you don’t really need powder with this one.
I can’t really give you an exact amount of time this lasts on the skin, but on my skin (which is oily) it must have lasted for around 12h without looking cakey, patchy or me having to touch it up.


 l'oreal true match foundation

This wraps up today’s post, and I have to end it by saying I love this foundation and it is my new favorite. I’m just dying to finish up the bottle I currently own so I can get the N2 shade.
The only thing I don’t like about it is that makeup over here in Portugal is seriously overpriced, and on top of that, you have basically 3 or 4 shades of each foundation available to choose from, and they don’t usually lean on the pale side. With that being said, I have to get this foundation on the actual L’Oréal store, where they charge me 18€ a bottle, which is only about 10€ cheaper than the MAC ones. Insane, huh?

Anyway, I’m going to go now and take some time out to watch the FIRS World Artistic Skating Championships because not only do I miss skating, this time I have to stay behind a screen to actually watch some friends skate. Urgh, I seriously miss it… If you want to watch it too, you have the live stream here.
Thank you for reading and until next time, have fun! 😀



2 thoughts on “L’Oréal Paris True Match Foundation: Review & Swatch

    • I’m not in the US, but I heard most drugstores sell it. Just looked it up on Target and it does come up, just in a different bottle. I believe the bottle I’m showing you is sold on Europe. The one sold in the US has no pump and is skinnier but the formula is the same, I think. 🙂


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