AVON Perfect Kiss Lip Gloss: Review & Swatches

Hello everyone!

I recently reviewed the lipstick on the Totally Kissable/ Perfect Kiss line (you can read it here) and today I thought I’d review the lip gloss as well.

I will try to focus the review only on the 3 shades I own: Desirable Peach, Pout More Pink and Racy Raspberry. I can’t talk about the quality of something I never tested, can I? 😀
Desirable Peach is a peachy pink color with some subtle shimmer to it, Pout More Pink is kind of a somewhat muted and shimmery Barbie doll pink and Racy Raspberry is a “purple-y” pink shade with no shimmer.

avon totally kissable perfect kiss lip gloss


These lip glosses come in a plastic tube with a mirrored diamond-shaped cap. The packaging doesn’t look super expensive but it still looks cute and quite sturdy. I’m the clumsiest person ever, I carry these around all the time and I didn’t break anything yet.
The applicator is a large sponge that soaks up the perfect amount of product, which I think is a big help when it comes to the application of this lip gloss.

avon totally kissable perfect kiss lip gloss


I searched the internet to find out how many shades there are at the moment and apparently, this has been discontinued in the UK. The same in Portugal (I think they are bringing it back with new shades in the next months but I don’t really know, this is just something I heard.) and you can only find about 5 shades available in the USA.
Despite all of this, the initial line had about 20/25 shades available, if I’m not mistaken, and I’m sure you can still find pretty much any color you want on Ebay.


I’m gonna go straight to the point here: this is one of the few lip glosses I own that is not sticky at all and I love it for that. Also, I never found it to move around the mouth area or have any bleeding at all. It just stays put where you apply it.
The formula is just that great and it has a gel like consistency (it’s more on the thicker side). The product feels amazing on the lips: smooth, light and hydrating.
The pigmentation is great too, and the darker the shade, the better the pigmentation. The shade Desirable Peach isn’t completely opaque but it’s one of the lightest in the line and it’s still quite pigmented, so there. Racy Raspberry is one of the most pigmented lip glosses I ever laid my little paws on.


avon totally kissable perfect kiss lip gloss swatches


I was able to get around 2 or 3 hours of wear out of this without any touch ups. After that I had to reapply, but that’s partially due to the fact I had had a meal prior to touching it up. Basically, I got pretty much the same wear time out of this as I usually do out of some of my best high end lip glosses.

This review ends here and I hope this is helpful to you if you’re considering buying this product. If you were not thinking about buying it but you are now, don’t be bummed out it was discontinued, just go on Ebay and order whatever you want. 🙂
Thank you for reading and giving me a little bit of your precious time! 😀



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