How To Avoid Cakey Foundation

Hello everyone!

Right now I’m at the end of the world. xD My grandparents live somewhere where we don’t even have TV, let alone internet. The portable internet I have works perfectly everywhere else BUT here, so heh. That means that for as long as I’m here, there won’t be any proper posts going up simply because my internet times out whenever I try to publish something. I’m sorry this is just text and no pictures, but I work with what I have. 😛

Despite the poor internet, I was browsing through Reddit to kill some time and I realized A LOT of girls have this idea that foundation is supposed to fix all of your skin’s imperfections, they pile up layers and layers of it and then ask the Reddit beauty community why their foundation looks cakey. That made me want to post something related to that, kind of a little tip in text form here.

Now, I’m not trying to tell you what’s the right way to do something. Makeup is personal, if you like the look of something the majority of the makeup community says is wrong just tell them to mind their own business and do your makeup the way you like it. 😛 But if you’re a girl wondering how to make your skin look even without having it look cakey, this post is for you. 🙂

First thing’s first: foundation is not supposed to make your skin look perfect, it is supposed to even out your skin tone. If you don’t have many imperfections, yes, it can make your skin look perfect. But if you have discoloration, acne scars or any serious skin imperfections, chances are just foundation isn’t gonna cut it for you. If you pile up layers and layers of foundation, it’ll probably end up looking cakey and unnatural, which I’m guessing is not what you want.

So how can you make your skin look natural and flawless? Concealer and/or corrector!
First off, apply one thin layer of foundation. I prefer light/medium coverage foundation but use whatever you like. This alone should be able to cover all your minor skin problems, and if you see some left that are almost fully covered and prefer to fix those with foundation, go ahead and apply one more thin layer on that specific area. Also, make sure you have a good brush to do this. I typically use the Real Techniques Expert brush (you can read a review on it here).
Now to hide the remaining imperfections reach for a precision brush, put a little bit of a full coverage concealer on it (I like the Make Up For Ever Full Coverage concealer) that matches your skin color perfectly, concentrate it ONLY on the imperfection and blend. It should be good to go now. You can still spot redness? Green corrector. Purple/grey discoloration? Go for a pinky corrector. Mix the corrector with the concealer if you must but remember to concentrate them just on the problem area.
Set it with a little bit of powder or setting spray and done. I like to set with a thin layer of powder foundation to add a little bit more coverage and durability to the makeup but I have oily skin so feel free to go for the setting spray if you feel like powder is too drying.

Try this out if you feel like your foundation looks cakey and then let me know! 😉

Again, sorry for the long text and no pictures, but I’m crossing my fingers here the post goes online at all. When I’m back to Lisbon, I’ll add some pictures and stuff but for now please bear with me. xD



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