Holiday Haul: Makeup & Skincare Bits

Hello everyone!

If you’re a makeup addict, you know how it goes: no matter where you are or why you’re there, if you see any beauty item you feel an urge to try, you’re probably, eventually, going to buy it. Yup, that’s what happened with me last time I was on vacation. While strolling down in the touristic part of Quarteira, Algarve, I spotted a little beauty store and I immediately dragged N. (THE boyfriend!) in to check if there were any makeup brands in there that I hadn’t tried. They had one I don’t remember the name of (But I swatched some products and didn’t like it, plus it was pricey.) and Essence, which is an old, well-loved brand for me. Being surrounded by so many Essence makeup products I can’t get here in Lisbon, I spent my time swatching many and actually buying some.




The first thing to capture my attention was the Essence Eye Sorbet in 02 Illuminating Raspberry, as it’s either new or not available where I live.


This product is basically the same idea as the Maybelline Color Tattoo eyeshadows but far cheaper, and I fell in love with the pink color of the line immediately. These sell for €2,99 each if I am not mistaken.



Catrice’s lip glosses being one of my favorite ones (Catrice and Essence are basically the same company products within different price ranges) I decided to give the Essence ones a try, so I picked up their XXXL Shine Lipgloss in Nude Kiss. I wore this one already and like I expected, it is both long lasting and non-sticky. This is why I love Catrice/Essence lip glosses so freaking much! 🙂
Again, I believe these go for €2,99 each.

Now this product is usually something very unlikely for me to get, but I picked up the Essence All About Sunrise eyeshadow palette (you can see swatches and read a review on it here and see an eye makeup look done with it here).


I’m sorry the photo above was highly edited but I couldn’t get a good picture without the shades getting washed out. So I worked with that and edited the picture until it reproduced the real colors the best I could.
Now unless I am skating/going for a night out, I usually stick to neutral mattes/slightly shimmery eyeshadows. With that being said, I don’t own many colorful eyeshadows but this palette caught my eye due to the gold and orange shades in it. Most of the shades in this palette are definitely neutrals (and you could include the gold and orange shades in the neutral range too) and there’s a selection of mattes, metallics and shimmery shades to choose from. This goes for €4,49 each.

Lastly from Essence I picked up the also new Sparkling Sugar Effect nail polish in 02 Baby You’re a Firework.


This was the only disappointment in the haul, and a big one at that.
If you look in the site or the little flyers available in the counters, this looks like it’s going to have a somewhat nice coverage. I looked at the bottle and I thought “This is going to just disappear in the nails.” but I decided to try it anyway, as these sell for €3,29 each and I could be wrong. Well, I wasn’t. You are able to see the little shimmery particles on your nails but there aren’t nearly enough of them to make the color noticeable unless you’re staring at your nails. Based on the flyers and the site, this was NOT what I expected.



Finally, I ran out of my favorite face scrub so I headed to Lidl (an European chain of drugstores) to go get a new tube of the Cien Face Daily Facial Scrub.


As the sloppy person that I am I grabbed the wrong product because the tubes look almost the same and I ended up bringing the Cien Face Facial Gel Daily Cleanser instead, which is the one pictured above. I’ve only used it about 4 times so far, but I don’t see it replacing my AVON Anew Vitale Gel Cleanser, as I love how soft my skin feels after using the latter.

This is where I say goodbye for the time being and hopefully there’ll be a second part to this haul coming soon because I also bought some dresses while on vacation and I am planning to show them to you guys on a real person as opposed to them being spread across my floor or something. Fingers crossed we get a decent sunny day soon so I can drive to the beach and take some pictures.
Thanks for reading and, until next time, have loads of fun! =)



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