Kiko Fancy Top Coat: Review & Swatches

Hello everyone!

I mentioned the Kiko Fancy Top Coat nail polishes a while back on my Zoya Magical PixieDust review, but I really didn’t tell you anything useful about them at all because I was planning to write this review soon after that (and that clearly failed…). Basically, they are a clear base polish with glitters in different shapes and colors.


I got four of these maybe 2 months ago in the shades 657 Silver, 659 Lilac, 660 Dahlia Purple and 663 Turquoise. The Lilac I specifically got because I wanted to compare it to the Magical PixieDusts by Zoya (in Lux).

Kiko Fancy Coat

There are 10 shades total in the line but since I didn’t test those, I’m only going to talk about the 4 I own.

  • 657 Silver: big holographic square glitter mixed in with tiny holographic glitter;
  • 659 Lilac: big pink hexes and holographic microglitter;
  • 660 Dahlia Purple: a mix of purple small glitter and holographic microglitter;
  • 663 Turquoise: big holographic squares and small blue glitter.


The first thing I noticed on these is the application really depends on the shade you get, because of the mix of different sizes of glitter. You would think you’d get a somewhat even glitter spread with these but don’t be fooled, I had to do two coats of Lilac to make the application even. Not a problem because you already do two coats of any nail polish? I remind you this is a top coat… Eh.
I love the application of Silver because the microglitter in it makes it spread evenly, but i don’t like it much when it comes to Lilac. I get far too many big hexes on my nails and not enough tiny glitter so I do two coats. This is just my personal preference, though. The other two are OK, one coat should be enough as well.
This is a glitter top coat so you won’t get a super smooth finish, which is normal, but I have to say your nail isn’t left feeling too rough either. You can definitely feel a tiny little bumpiness on your nails but they won’t tug on clothes nor is said bumpiness visible. Lets call it texture, shall we? 😀


Every shade I got lasted me for over a week with virtually no chipping at all. It’s a glitter polish, so you can count on it hanging around for a while, but I found it to be somewhat of a pain in the a… behind to remove. Again, glitter! 😀


 kiko fancy top coat review

All in all, I quite like the shades I got, with Lilac being the exception. They retail for €4,90/£6,60 each and they do give your nails a quite cute effect on top of a simple colored nail polish, giving the overall look of your nails a little twist for the better.
About Lilac being a dupe for Lux… Yeah, nope. Absolutely not. I tried layering a bunch of coats and see if I’d get a close effect and it just isn’t going to happen. Lilac has far too many big glitter hexes and not enough microglitter, while the Zoya Magical PixieDust has exactly the opposite concept.

We’ve now reached the end of this post, I hope you liked it and thank you for reading!


Have you tried any nail polish from this line yet? If so, please share your thoughts with us!


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