Styling a Beach Wedding

Hello everyone!

Lets be real here. How many girls can honestly say they’ve never thought about their wedding and their outfit and the kind of place they’d choose for it, etc? I can’t, so when I was invited to participate in the “Dream Day Style Challenge” I immediately jumped at the opportunity.
In this challenge you’re basically provided with 3 wedding backgrounds, you pick one and you accessorize and style the outfit. Here’s what I came up with (and yes, I know collages aren’t usually my “style”, but it kind of was a requirement):


To start off with, I chose the beach background. I honestly never considered getting married at the beach but when I started browsing through dresses my mind got flooded with such cute ideas I decided to go out of my comfort zone. This would be the hardest background for me, but also the one that would challenge me the most.


I started by choosing a wedding dress as I like to plan the rest of the outfit around it.
After browsing through maybe 300 or 400 dresses, I narrowed the options down to 150. Then to 46 and then 12. Finally it was insane narrowing those down to 1. I ended up picking the David’s Bridal Collection Chiffon Gown with High Slit and Halter Tie Back. I chose this one because since I was going with the beach background I wanted a simple, yet flattering and elegant dress, and the shape of this one really reminded me of the dresses I usually wear to the beach. More than it being appropriate, I thought it was beautiful and the perfect choice.


I have a huge problem with beach weddings: the shoes. I dread flats and, well, have you ever tried walking in heels in the sand? I haven’t but I certainly don’t ever want to either so yeah, fine, I surrender! Flats it is then.
After much browsing and hating ever single pair of flats I’d find I chose the Dessy Heaven Dyeable Crystal Bridal Sandals simply because these are the flats version of my favorite high heel sandals I usually wear as a wedding guest and I love mine to death. Also, as the dress is so simple I thought I’d add some sparkle to the outfit, and these provide just enough sparkle.


Let me start by stating I don’t like veils unless they’re full length. Given the background here, I didn’t like the idea of a floor length veil so I decided to go for a somewhat elaborate, sparkly hair accessory on a worked up hair with no veil. With that in mind, I picked up the BHLDN Blooms en Blanc Comb. This is a floral, sparkly hair accessory that I just fell in love with because it somehow keeps the simpleness and elegance I was trying to keep in the whole look.


I decided to go with somewhat matching necklace and earrings so I picked the Mikimoto White Round Cultured Pearl, Diamond & 18K White Gold necklace and the Nina Alecia Faux Pearl Drop earrings. Also, to go with the sparkly vibe I’ve got going on I chose the Nina Galax Hinged Bracelet. Definitely not simple but eh… it’s beautiful and sparkly!


I wasn’t going to add anything to the dress at first but then I pictured the overall look I had until then and thought “Yup… There is such a thing as a too simple outfit!”. So just to add a little sparkly and cute detail I decided to include a brooch: the Thomas Laine Bridal Crystal Flower Pin. It’s floral, it’s sparkly… It works! I’d place it at the waist level to the left of the bride. You know, where you can see that little detail in the dress that looks like it’s being “held up”? God, my English today… xD I can’t explain myself.


Finally, the flower bouquet!
All of the ones I could find had too many jewels to them and I didn’t like them because I thought it was too much, so I decided to go for the Blue Petyl Empress Magnolia bouquet. I’d prefer some little sky blue details mixed in with this because of the color scheme on the background but well, I’m working with what I have here and I find this one beautiful too. 😛

This was my whole style in detail and I really think I could actually get married in this! I’d have some serious problems with the flats though… <.< You’d probably see me adding some planks to my heels so I wouldn’t disappear while walking on the sand… xD
For anyone planning a wedding right now: I seriously admire you! xD It took me one week just to plan an outfit, I can see myself taking 10 years to plan a whole wedding… If he ever plans on proposing to me I think my boyfriend should probably check this post before doing so, really. xD

Well, anyway I hope you liked this post, I had some serious fun looking through every option I had and combining dresses and head pieces and such…
A huge thank you goes out to the people who thought of me to participate in this! I managed to develop my sense of style: just two weeks ago getting married at the beach would have never crossed my mind simply because I wouldn’t know how to style and plan everything.
Thank you for reading everyone and until next time have loads of fun!



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