Back from vacation!

Hello everyone!

Today we have a somewhat different kind of post to my usual ones! I just came back from Algarve a couple days ago and I brought quite a number of items to review. 🙂 That and I bought one beach dress and my boyfriend bought me another two and a bag, which I’ll be doing a post on when I can get some free time to drive over to the beach. Since I don’t have any posts ready right now, I decided to show you some pictures of our holiday. During our time in Algarve, me, my boyfriend and my friends had some lovely company. =) And since we got footage of said “company” and they were the cutest things ever, I decided to share it with you guys.


Yup, on the 2nd or 3rd night we spent in the house, we figured out we had 5 little furry friends dying to get a hold of a little of our food! So we decided to start feeding them. At first they wouldn’t let anyone touch them but we won them over after a day or two, and they came to pay us a bunch of visits every single day ever since then.

Here’s the father of the two up there and one of them being lazy in the sun.


Also, we found out we weren’t the only cat lovers in the area. We found one store whose (is that the right term?) workers kind of adopted a stray cat and he picked up the habit of sleeping right under the stuff being sold!



Lastly, I found this board in the Vilamoura’s marina the night me and my boyfriend went out for dinner.


Looks like you won’t have to deal with your husband in Vilamoura, huh?! xD
I am not including any pictures of the beaches, etc, simply because that’s pretty easy to find on Google and this is a more “personal” take on my time over in Algarve, which I’m posting only because 2 blogger friends of mine asked me to. Yes, I do realize this is supposed to be a beauty blog. 😛

Lastly, we filmed the cats playing with a laser and some earphones just because we were all “Ooooow!” just watching them play. =) Feel free to skip it if looking at pets bores you. 😛

This is all for this post, I hope I didn’t bore you guys too much, but hey, they’re cats! How can you not love cats! 😮
Thank you for reading and until next time, have fun! 😀



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