AVON Perfect Kiss Lipstick: Review & Swatches

Hello everyone!

As you’re reading this I am on vacation in the south of Portugal (more specifically Algarve) with some friends and my boyfriend so please excuse my lack of posts, lol. This trip inspired me to do a bunch of new ones but I don’t see the pictures going up anytime soon with this internet, so yeah. Waiting until I go back to Lisbon!

I have mentioned both products in the AVON Totally Kissable/Perfect Kiss line on this blog a number of times before, but until recently I hadn’t realized I never really got around to reviewing any of them for you guys. So that’s what I decided I would do and I am starting with the lipstick today. Totally Kissable is the line’s name in the USA, whereas in the UK it is named Perfect Kiss.

I have this lipstick in two shades only (I’ve been trying to buy a few more but the ones I pick are always out of stock in my area), Lovey Dovey Pink and Untamed Mauve. Lovey Dovey Pink is a light dusty pink with some white shimmer to it and Untamed Mauve is a mauve toned “my lips but better” shade, which I believe was a Winter 2013 limited edition.




These lipsticks come in a mirrored package with AVON engraved in it and despite me thinking it is made out of plastic, the package is still quite sturdy. I don’t see it breaking easily, which means we can safely carry these around and everywhere with us.




AVON has about 20 shades available on this lipstick alone, so there’s a shade for every girl out there, from nude colors to deep reds and vibrant pinks.



This completely depends on the shade you get: I found Lovey Dovey Pink to be sheer and not nearly as pigmented as I wished it was, even though it is easily layered, whereas Untamed Mauve has a fantastic color payoff.
Both of the shades I have feel very creamy, comfortable and hydrating on the lips but I heard some other shades dry your lips quite a bit, so again, this depends on the shade you get. Mine glide easily on the lips without dragging and make my very dry lips look very smooth, as the product doesn’t settle into any fine lines.




This varies with the shade too. I can get 5-6 hours of wear out of Untamed Mauve, but after about half an hour, if that much, Lovey Dovey Pink is already gone. And even when Untamed Mauve starts to fade, it fades into a stain instead of becoming patchy, which is always nice. It doesn’t survive eating, as most lipsticks don’t, but other than that I find it lasts for quite a long while.
These are currently selling for $9/£5/€7,50 each, which is a pretty good price for the nice quality of the majority of these, you just have to check the quality on the shade you’re planning on purchasing.

This is how today’s post comes to an end, thank you for taking the time to read my blog and, until next time, have fun!


Have you ever tried any lipstick from this line? If so, which shade and what do you think about its quality?

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