GOSH Cosmetics Makeup Haul

Hello girls!

I do love a good sale, and that’s precisely what I found on my local Wells+ (a pharmacy kind of store) about 3 days ago. I decided to get the best out of it while putting a brand I’ve never tried before through the test so I purchased some goodies from GOSH Cosmetics.

If you’ve never heard of it before it is a very affordable cosmetics brand based in Denmark that offers a huge range of products: from makeup to fragrances, not forgetting all kinds of body care, face care and hair care, all at incredible prices.


As you can see, I bought two eyeliners (despite already owning a load of them) and two little pots of what I thought were pigment eyeshadow but figured out they’re actually multi-purpose pigments.
Lets start with the pencil liners:


These are the Lets Twist Eye Liner Waterproof, and I got them in the colors Deep Sea, a dark/navy blue, and So Blue, a color I believe is now discontinued but it is a light, vibrant blue.
These claim to be durable, waterproof, to have a great color payoff and to be very pigmented and also to be perfume free. I’ll have to use them for a while to form any kind of valid opinion on these but I can already say they are not perfume free, they have some kind of smell to them that isn’t exactly pleasant. It doesn’t bother me at all, but well, it’s a fake claim right there. Still, they were on sale for €3 each, if they have a decent pigmentation and durability, I say they’re a good bargain.
Here you have swatches of Deep Sea and So Blue, by that order:


I also bought two of their Mineral Colour Pigments:

gosh mineral colour pigments

I got these in the colors 02 Gold and 04 Pink Melon. Gold is, as the name suggests, a gold shade, whereas Pink Melon is a pink leaning neutral color, as it has a somewhat brownish undertone and little bright pink pigments in it, that reminds me of Buzz from the Urban Decay Naked 3 palette. Yup, I suck at describing colors… But if you look closely at the swatch you can see it’s a “flat” brownish pink that goes a little brighter right in the middle of it, which is where most of the bright, kinda metallic pink pigments were concentrated for some reason.
When I spotted them I thought these were supposed to be used as eyeshadow, but they’re actually multi-purpose pigments: you can use them as eyeshadow, highlighter, blush or bronzer, depending on the shades you get. You can also use these wet or dry.
The swatches of Gold and Pink Melon, by that order, with no color manipulation and over the Nyx Jumbo Eye Pencil in Milk (you can barely see the colors without it):


The pink looks softer, not as dark in person but this was the best I could capture it.
We reached the end of my haul and I hope this gave you new ideas for products to try! Or not, if you’re trying to save your money and I just taunted you with this post. xD
Thank you for reading!


Have your ever tried any GOSH products before? If so, please share your opinion here!


2 thoughts on “GOSH Cosmetics Makeup Haul

  1. Never heard of this company! Although those pigments are really pretty, I think NYX has similar pigments..but haven’t tried that either.


    • It’s quite known on YouTube, though I discovered it in a local store over here. Heard they have awesome blushes. No idea, we don’t have Nyx here, the stuff I have from them is imported, lol.
      I believe you guys have GOSH over there as well, it’s just hard to come by. Let me know if you need something. :p


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