Sephora Haul

Hi girls!
How are you all? šŸ˜€

As some of you may know I turned 24 a while ago, so Sephora gave me two little “gifts”: a set of 4 lip glosses from their own brand and the chance to get double the points I normally would with my next purchase. They also had a 20% off sale going on until the end of May (when I bought all these, this post has been sitting around for a while), so last Saturday I decided it’d be the perfect opportunity to go get my freebies and enjoy the sale. Guess what happened? I left with more stuff than I planned on buying, which is the main reason why I hate shopping on Sephora. šŸ˜€


Now look on the bright side: I only really bought three items! Yup, it’s bad if you consider I was only meant to buy the pencil liner, but still! Plus, I was going to buy a fourth item but the store was out of the color I wanted so… xD
Lets go with the gift first since I think it’s sooo cute.


It says happy birthday on the box! How cute is it? šŸ˜€
This is a set of 4 tiny lip glosses by Sephora (0.041 oz. each) and they come in a nude color, a baby pink, a more raspberry pink and a coral with glitter in it. The first three shades don’t have such noticeable shimmer (you can barely see it) but they’re definitely not matte. There are no actual names to these that I could find, so I don’t know if these are sold individually.


The only item I initially meant to pick up is the 24/7 Glide-On Double-Ended Eye Pencil in Naked by Urban Decay.
As you can pretty much guess, this is a double-ended pencil inspired by its namesake palette that comes in two colors: Zero and Whiskey. Zero is a matte black and Whiskey is a matte rich brown.
This sells for ā‚¬18,50 each and kuddos for Sephora makeup artists working directly with UD who don’t even know the products they’re selling or the colors in them, lol! \o/

From here on, I swear I did not mean to buy these but a girl can only be so strong…


I am not a blush girl, which is why I only have about 4 in my collection. But then I saw this baby and eh, I had to take it home.
This is the Blush By 3 palette by Sleek and I got it in Pink Sprint, it sells for ā‚¬13. The shades in this palette are aimed for medium skin girls but I love pink blush, pale or not pale, so now I have a bigger blush collection. šŸ˜€


Finally, I got the Bad Girl palette, also by Sleek, because I thought it’d be perfect to create smokey eyes, since most of the shades in it are dark. I love the blues and purples in it the most and all of the shadows are super pigmented. It sells for ā‚¬10.

These were all the products I got and overall I think I didn’t buy THAT much, I just bought more than I initially meant to. The problem is that I’m the upgraded, female version of Scrooge McDuck so I end up mourning my money after I go shopping. xD
I’m thinking of reviewing some of these as soon as my busy life calms down a little, so if you have any special requests feel free to email me or leave me a comment. šŸ™‚

So do you go through the exact same situation when shopping for makeup?


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