Birthday Gifts “Haul”

Hi there, everyone! 😀

Okay, before you go thinking I buy myself birthday gifts, I called it a haul for a lack of a better word. xD Now that we’re past that little issue, lets move on. 😀
So my birthday was on the May 15th and I got a few jewelry pieces from the people closest to me and I thought it’d make a good blog post because, you know, I’m far too tired with college and all to be able to think straight and have enough creativity to think of an out-of-the-box post. So please bear with me for the next 2 months, because I have exams up to my ears and not enough time to study for them all. 😦
These are all of the items I am showing you today:


First off, I’m going with the first item I got, a silver necklace with a ring pendant thingy that has a little shiny stone in it.


This was a present (or one of the presents) that my boyfriend got me from a local jewellery store. I think he didn’t quite know what to get me so as I didn’t really own any necklaces, he decided to pick one out for me. I did try looking for any little mark in it that would identify its brand for you girls but I couldn’t find anything, I’m sorry. If you’d like to get something similar to this (as many people ask me about the stuff I display quite often), I’d recommend printing the picture above, taking it to a jewellery store and asking for a budgeting. I’ve done this before and it typically isn’t too expensive, with the added bonus of you being able to actually personalize whatever you want to.

As for my mom’s presents, she got me two items: a Pandora bracelet and another necklace. My boyfriend and my mom were apparently synchronized that day. xD
Here’s the bracelet:


I couldn’t find the bracelet’s model on the USA’s site, only Portugal’s site, but it looks like the Moments Bracelet or something like that and my mom got me 11 charms to put on it. I was able to identify a bunch of them but not all, as some of the Pandora charms are quite similar to each other, specially the little round ones. Also, we don’t have a lot of the charms that are available in the US and the US doesn’t have some that are available here. Some of the ones I got are the Rose charm, the Health charm, one of the Howl charms (Pandora has about 3), the Wings charm and the Elephant charm. Yup, my mom’s insane.
Finally, the second necklace I got:


Again this is a silver necklace with a purple little ball pendant. Again, as with the first necklace, this is something my mom bought at a local jewellery store and I couldn’t find its brand, so you can do pretty much the same thing if you want a necklace that looks like this.

I didn’t expect to get anything for my birthday, much less actual jewellery, so all of these items were a pretty big surprise. And considering the birthday I had (the day itself, that is) I do have the best family in the world (Yes, I am including you, grumpy, “whiny” guy, in the family so don’t complain just yet! :P).
This is all I got for today’s post, I hope you enjoyed it and thank you for reading!



2 thoughts on “Birthday Gifts “Haul”

    • Thank you! 😀
      Yup, yet I managed to break the necklace my boyfriend gave me already. xD I’m gonna get it fixed tomorrow. Me too, I’ve been looking for the skate charm now! 8D


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