Soft Smokey Eye

Hello everyone!
How are you all today?

A few days ago one of my friends (or my client, whatever you’d prefer really) asked me if I could do her makeup for a gala. Her boyfriend is in the army and they have this gala every year (basically dinner and a ball, all super duper formal) where they have to go all dressed up and stuff. 😀 She didn’t quite know what she wanted to get done on her eyes and since it is a gala and it’s something quite “special” I told her she should think about a smokey eye. Now she’s not someone who often wears makeup (or ever, really) so when she realized I was suggesting something so dark, she kind of freaked out. xD So I decided to create a softer version of a smokey eye, if you can call it that.


Now please excuse the pictures in this post but this makeup was one of the many experiences I did to show her and see what she’d like the most, so really I had absolutely no makeup on (except for that one eye, obviously), which is why I’m not giving you full face photos this time. As you can see, my eyebrows aren’t even done. Also, kudos for my new dark circles concealing routine, it’s clearly working right there! xD
A closer shot of my right eye:


Now how did I do this?

  1. I started by applying the Kiko Full Coverage Concealer in 02 all over the lid and up to the brow bone as primer.
  2. Next I applied Mugshot from the Naked 3 palette all over the lid to give it a little wash of color while keeping it natural (well, natural AND shimmery!).
  3. Then I applied the Catrice Intensif’Eye Wet & Dry Shadow in 020 Charly’s Chocolate Factory on the crease and extended it upwards while blending it out. I also brought this color down along the lower lash line to frame the eyes.
  4. After that, I came in again with the Naked 3 palette, applying Strange to the brow bone and the inner corner of the eye to brighten things up.
  5. Next I tight lined the top waterline and put some eye pencil on the bottom waterline using the Sephora Flashy Waterproof Liner in 10 Deep Black.
  6. Now it’s time for liquid liner! I used the Catrice Ultra Fine Waterproof Ink Eyeliner in Don’t Move.
  7. Finally, I applied about 2-3 coats of the Maybelline’s Volum’ Express Falsies mascara, even though I’d personally wear actual falsies and only one coat of mascara for this kind of occasion.

If you wanna know how to conceal eye circles as dark as mine on a budget, just stay tuned because I have a post on that coming soon! 😀
This is all I have for today, thank you so much for taking the time to read my posts and have a good night everyone (midnight here!).



6 thoughts on “Soft Smokey Eye

    • Thank you! I’d have added some darker color on the outer corner but she was pretty scared of that. xD
      It is, I should know, I have really really dark circles. 😦 I have the whole thing planned already but eh, exams! xD



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