4 Different Prom Styles for 2014

Hello girls!

So I hear Prom season is approaching in the UK and the USA (excuse my lack of information on the exact time or countries here, we don’t do Prom in my country) and some of you girls might be looking for that perfect dress to wear and feel gorgeous on. 😀 Thinking of that (and because I’m a girly girl at heart and I love to look at pretty, shiny dresses that are not appropriate to wear on a daily basis :D) I decided to gather a selection of dresses based on different styles that (hopefully) suit everyone’s taste or, at least, gives you some new ideas on what to wear.
All of the following dresses can be found at Victoria’s Dress (www.victoriasdress.co.uk).
Please allow me to start with my favorite style:

Romantic/Girly Style


This is the FJ061 model. This is a sleeveless, strapless tulle dress, which I think defines the girly style quite beautifully, and it’s floor-length. The waist line is embellished with white/silver beadings that make your waist look smaller and your breast area look bigger. Also, I love the color in this: pink really makes your girly side show. 🙂
Pair this dress with minimalist, delicate makeup, a curly messy bun or curls, some simple jewelry and an embellished clutch in a similar color of the dress’ beadings and you’re good to go!

Classy Style


This is the BK309 model. This is a sleeveless V-neck and this neckline always reminds me of old Hollywood stars for some reason, probably because of its simplicity. This is a simple, yet beautiful chiffon floor-length classy dress embellished with beadings on the waist line. The color in this one keeps the simplicity of the dress and the detail of the embellishment gives it a little something without being too over-the-top.
Pair this dress with a subtle black, gray or navy blue smokey eye, a natural lipstick, simple but somewhat long kinda jewelry and keep your hair simple, either straight or wavy, and you’ll feel like a Hollywood actress walking down the red carpet! 😛

Sexy/Glamourous Style


This is the FC505 model. This is a sleeveless, backless, halter neckline chiffon dress with the whole upper area embellished with beadings. This is a more mature, sexy dress that is floor-length and its color compliments its style just fine.
I’d pair this one with a glamorous up-do, makeup that brings the main focus to the eyes, nude lips, some dangling earrings and maybe a long chain necklace and then you’ll be ready to feel like Angelina Jolie. 😛

And finally, a little Easter egg for the dreamier girls out there who long to feel like a princess and dare to dress like one for Prom:

Princess Style


This is the FJ099 model. This is a sleeveless, sweetheart neckline, floor-length tulle ball gown with a lace-up back with the whole upper part embellished with beadings. I’d wear it in a lighter blue color than the one in the picture, which I believe the seller has available, just because this kind of dress in a pale blue color instantly reminds me of Cinderella! And who doesn’t want to feel like a princess for their Prom night?
For this style I’d wear my hair tied in a very delicate up-do, pair it with a flawless and minimalist, very natural makeup, some delicate and shiny jewelry pieces and hey, let’s not forget our tiaras! After all, every princess needs her tiara, right?

These are all the styles I came up with after browsing through maybe 200 dresses but it was fun and made me wish I was still in high school in a country where Prom was popular so I could attend to it.
A huge thanks goes out to my boyfriend who had the patience to browse through my selection of dresses of each style and narrow it down to one dress. I admire your patience to actually look at dresses and discuss the good points and the bad points of each to help me choose the one I liked the most. xD
I’m going to sleep now as I have about 3h left to sleep, thank you for reading and I hope you liked the post!



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