Makeup and Skin Care Haul

Hello everyone!

How are you today?
Lately my health (or physical condition) has been going kind of downhill and that really messes my nervous system up, which doesn’t leave me in the best of moods, to be honest. So because I was so pissed yesterday I decided to ditch everything I had to do for the day and just take the evening to distract myself. I decided to hop in to the mall to get some items I had been fetching for weeks and my worried-to-death boyfriend insisted on coming too, so a boring shopping evening on his way came then. 😛 Which is why today’s post is a haul!


As per usual, I ended up getting more stuff than I initially planned to. But hey, I did leave the mall with a smile on my face, even though it wasn’t entirely due to the stuff I bought, so it was worth it!
The first thing I bought was the Honey Bronze Bronzing Powder by The Body Shop.


Yes, I am late to this one. It’s been around for a while and everybody loves it, but I never really came around to give it a try. When I passed by the makeup counter in the store though I remembered all of the great reviews on this product and decided to get it since I needed a bronzer. I got it in the shade 02, fair matte, for €15.
I meant to take this picture with the lid of the product open, but I took these at a public park so please bear with me. I was trying to take these without people noticing me and wondering what was a crazy girl doing scattering products through the grass and taking pictures of them, so I totally forgot to open the lid.

When I was paying for the bronzer, the worker told me I could get a second product and I’d have 20% off from my purchase, so since I needed a powder puff, I picked this guy up.


This is their only powder puff, as far as I am aware, and it’s just called the Professional Powder Puff. It was €4 initially, but with the 20% off, I ended up paying €15,20 for the two products.
I also needed a Highlighting Powder but couldn’t find any I liked, so I decided to get the Catrice Prime and Fine Highlighting Powder.


This was only €4 and since I couldn’t find any I really liked, it can’t hurt to try this one for so cheap. I got it in the shade 010 Fairy Dust and this is basically a cream colored powder with some gold shimmer in it. Shimmer, not glitter! The powder is very fine, not chunky.
Again this picture was supposed to have been taken with the lid of the product open but eh. Apologies.

Before I left the Catrice counter, I also picked up their Re-Touch Light-Reflecting Concealer.


I wondered if this could be a dupe for the Maybelline’s Dream Lumi Touch Highlighting Concealer so I decided to find that out for myself and take this guy home with me. I got it for €4 in the shade 001 Porcelain.
I had run out of makeup wipes the previous day so I decided to pick up a new pack.


These are the Byphasse Make-Up Remover Wipes for sensitive skin and I don’t remember for how much they sell, but they’re quite cheap. I used one the moment I got home and I have to say they’re not bad at all.
Finally, I’m running low on my day moisturizer and I wanted to try the Garnier Hydra-Adapt 24H Day Moisturizer for oily skin.


There was only one left at the store and I had no physical money on me, neither did I want to use my debit card because that would mean I’d have to wake up early someday to go put the money back in my bank account. I still decided to pick it up some other day because I wasn’t up to go home, grab some more money, and go back to the store. So my “behind” of a boyfriend (no no, I don’t curse – much – but you know what I meant there) grabbed it and dragged me to the paying machines (he spoils me far too much). This was €5,79 and my haul ends here, finally!

I’ll put these to the test and maybe I’ll review some (or all of them, you never know). I hope you enjoyed this post and thank you for taking the time to read it!



8 thoughts on “Makeup and Skin Care Haul

    • I never really tried anything other but the BB Cream and that did not go well but I’m liking the moisturizer…
      Thanks! 😀 I will, just need a good doctor, some courage to do things I don’t want to and time. 😀


  1. I wonder if the Garnier Hydra-Adapt 24H Day Moisturizer for oily skin is similar to Garnier Skin Naturals Moisture Match Shine Be Gone Mattifying Fresh Cream?x


    • Hum, we have different names over here, I couldn’t find the same packaging as we have here anywhere. But half of the name is the same, lol. I’ll look for it and see if I can find out. ^^


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