Quick Hair Tips

Hello girls!

How are you all? 🙂
While I wait until I can post something I’ve got planned and written for a while now, and since it’s taking more time than I thought it would for me to be able to post it, I decided to go for a short post on hair tips I have either read somewhere or discovered myself over the past few years. They’re relatively simple tips but believe me, some of them made a world of a difference when I first started using them.

– Do NOT wash your hair every single day.
This one is the most known tip of them all but it really is important.
The reason behind this is that your hair is a fiber, so by washing it daily you are constantly washing away its natural oils. These oils are what keeps your hair moisturized and looking healthy, and when you strip it from them, your body counteracts this by producing more and more oil. This increased oil production results on your hair getting much oilier than it did before and basically all of this turns into a growing snow ball: you wash your hair too frequently, it produces more oil and gets oilier than before, you wash it again to make it look healthy instead of oily, it produces even more oil and the story goes on and on and on…
If you MUST wash it, ah well, a girl gotta do what a girl gotta do. 😛 But if you can get away by applying some dry shampoo or baby powder, that’s far better than washing it everyday.

– Styling your hair? Go for second day hair!
Want another reason not to wash your hair everyday? On that second day, try doing some cute and girly curls or something else you’d like. You’ll notice “older” hair is easier to style than newly washed one. The reason behind this? Newly washed hair preserves the water it soaked in for a big while, and “humid” hair tends to “undo” what you’re trying to do with it. If you style it when it has just enough moist in it, it gives you much better results: it’ll be easier to style and it’ll hold the styling better and longer!

– Shampoo twice instead of only once.
Many years ago I noticed my shampoo wouldn’t foam up as much as I’d like it, and it would give me the impression my hair wasn’t getting as clean as it should. So what did I do? Shampoo twice!
First I use just a little bit of shampoo so it foams up a little and prepares the hair for the next shampoo application, I rinse that off and then apply more shampoo, making it really foam up all around my scalp. I noticed this makes my hair squeaky clean, lighter and shinier.

– If you still want to wash your hair everyday, focus the shampoo application on your scalp only.
Shampoo was made to clean your scalp and roots, which is what typically gets oilier. Focus that shampooing on your scalp only and you’ll find your hair looks healthier than before despite the daily washing. The ends of your hair will get some product on too when you rinse your shampoo off.

– Reverse hair washing: condition first, shampoo afterwards!
This tip is specially important for people with fine hair.
Conditioner is often thick and heavy. If that’s your last step when washing your hair, no matter how well you rinse it off, your hair will be left with some conditioner residue in it. This residue weighs your hair down, making it look flat. By reversing the order of shampoo and conditioner, you’ll keep the shine, softness and detangling benefits of the latter but you’ll have some extra volume, as there will be too little residue to weigh your hair down due to the fact your shampoo took that away.

– If you’re styling your hair, give it some time to air-dry before you blow-dry.
You know what makes your hair easier and faster to style? That last tiny bit of moisture before your hair is dry. If you try to style your hair when it’s still wet, you’ll be wasting time as it won’t hold anything you do to it until it begins to dry a bit. So the best thing you can do is wait until your hair is almost dry and then style it.

These are all of my tips for now, as the post is already too long, and if you do try any of them, please let me know how that went!
I hope this was a useful post for you girls and thank you for reading. 🙂



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