L’Oréal Paris Age Perfect Day Moisturizer: Review

Hello everyone!

Very recently L’Oréal gave me the chance to try their new moisturizer from the Age Perfect line and I decided to do a review on it. I didn’t actually test it as it is aimed for more mature skin, so I made my mom try it out. 😀 An important note: before anyone goes and thinks my posts are “bought”, I was given the chance to try the product BUT I’m not being paid for it or anything like that, and if I was nothing would change, so what you’ll read here is my sincere opinion on it.
Here’s the product:


First off, the packaging, though I don’t think it’s that important in this kind of product. The moisturizer comes in a glass jar that closes with a screw down lid (is that the right term?) just like most of the products of this kind. The jar is golden, so I guess it’d look cool in a vanity, and there’s 50ml of cream inside.. 🙂
Now that the packaging is all covered, on to the actual product: this product is aimed for women 50 and up and claims to make your cells renew faster, meaning your skin will generate more cells in less time. This supposedly helps with making your skin feel and look younger and your skin will be “reborn”. The formula has Natecium DHC in it, which is a natural anti-oxidant that helps with renewing your skin cells.
The consistency of this product is a little bit on the thicker side, it’s a little bit heavier than your normal day moisturizer (which one would guess without testing just by reading the claims and the group it’s aimed towards, I think). It does have a scent but it’s not too strong or too “chemical” for the more sensitive women to be bothered by it.
Now what you guys wanna know. 😀 Does it really work? Well, I did see my mom’s skin change in a matter of just 2 weeks, and she felt it too. I noticed her skin was a little bit firmer and she had less wrinkles (but she doesn’t have those many to begin with) and she did point out her skin looks and feels firmer too. She also claimed this is a good daytime moisturizer, as even though it’s a little thicker than your regular moisturizer it gets absorbed by the skin pretty quickly, and all through the day her skin feels balanced and not dry or oily, as it has happened before with other moisturizers. Something else I noticed was that her skin put on a very subtle glow, which I believe was a result of this product as nothing else on her skin care routine changed.
All in all, and for the results I saw on my mom’s skin with only 2 or 3 weeks of use, I do think this product did more for her skin than the majority of the ones out there, that basically hydrate your skin and fail on most of their other claims. I’m not saying this is gonna make any miracles for anyone, but you do see some results. If you combine it with the rest of the products from the line or other brands I think you’ll see more noticeable results than my mom, even though you can definitely see a change on her skin.

This is all for today as I have to run and finish a college project, but I’ll be back soon with a load of posts I already planned out. 😛 I hope this review is useful for you/your mom/someone else in your life if you’re thinking of giving it a try and thank you for taking the time to read what I’ve been writing for the past months. 🙂 You guys have fun now, I’m out. 😛



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