April 2014 Favorites

Hello everyone!

I’m finally back! Or half back. I don’t know just yet, I’m really busy as of late with college, planning on quitting my job, physiotherapy… I need holiday!
As we begin a new month, I decided to get back to the monthly favorites posts. Because I didn’t write this kind of post last month, I’m going to put some of my last month’s favorites in this one as well.
So with no further due, here’s an overall view of this month’s favorites:


So first thing’s first, I recently discovered the Rimmel Match Perfection foundation (because it’s fairly new over here) and I’ve been wearing it all through the month of March and half of April.


I’ve got this in 102 Light Nude and I’m thinking of getting the next palest shade once I repurchase, because like I’ve said before, I’m pale as a ghost. The 102 is too dark for me.
Long story short, this foundation has a light/medium coverage so you’ll definitely need a bit of concealer if you have any blemishes, but it’s the kind of foundation you can’t see when applied and it also has an SPF of 18. This will be my Summer 2014 foundation. 😀
Moving on to a favorite that has been featured before, the Avon Ideal Flawless BB Cream.


I’ve mentioned this product before on my January 2014 Favorites and this is an awesome product for the summer. It’s light, natural and it has more coverage than most of the BB Creams I find at the drugstore. Also, it doesn’t turn you into a grease ball like the Garnier’s BB Cream does (I’m sorry if you love that product but eh, I find it horrible for oily skin). I have this one in the shade Shell (and I also need to go a shade lighter on this one) and it has an SPF of 15. If you want to try this product, Avon no longer sells it because they launched a CC Cream now, which I would guess is the exact same product, so get that one instead.
Next, another Avon find: the Avon Luminous Finish Face Illuminator.


Typically I’m not a fan of this kind of product, as I have oily skin, but I found this one not to be too over the top. It slightly illuminates your skin, I only apply it in very specific areas and it makes a matte foundation go from flat to having some added dimension, thus making your makeup look more natural. I think they changed the name of this product (not sure though) but if they did they’ll have the same kind of product in a different packaging, you just need to have a good look through their magazine.
Now my new powder discovery: the Catrice All Matt Plus Shine Control Powder.


Yup, I’ve hit major pan on this one! Up until now I had been wearing the Rimmel Stay Matte powder, which I liked, but it felt a little too dry even on my oily skin. It looked a bit obvious too once the sun started shinning over here in my country, so I wanted an alternative that was just as cheap but didn’t look as obvious. I found this powder at a local store and got it in 010 Transparent, though I didn’t expect to like it much because I thought it wouldn’t control oil throughout the day as well as the Stay Matte does. I was surprised to see it was almost as good, oil control wise, and looked far more natural while being available in a shade that was light (pale, whatever you’d like :P)  enough for my skin tone. If I ever have to retouch it through the day, I’ll only need to do it once, and usually I don’t even reapply it, I just pat my face with some Kleenex pressing my makeup down. Awesome product for half the price of the Rimmel powder.
Finally, my last Avon find of the month: the Perfect Kiss lipstick in Untamed Mauve (aka Totally Kissable Lipstick in USA) which you can find a review of here.


This one had a little accident as soon as I opened it for the first time, so excuse the miserable appearance. xD I already knew the formula of this lipstick and loved it to death but I only had it in one shade (Lovey Dovey). As Avon is changing the name of the colors available within the range, they dropped the price on these over here, so I decided to get a bunch of them. At first I thought this color would be too dark and too brown-y but boy, was I wrong. It looks super natural on me and, unlike the first shade of this lipstick I got, it really lasts. Amazing product, my favorite formula ever, I actually like it better than MAC.
Lastly, here goes a swatch:


This is all for today’s post, as I have to run because I have physiotherapy in about half an hour (let’s pray I don’t need surgery -.-) and I’m so sorry I’ve been kinda short and slow on posting. Hope you had fun reading this and if you have any questions or requests about any of the products, just drop me an email or something. 😉
Have fun everyone! 😀 Go enjoy the sun!



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