No Internet!

Hello girls!

I know I promised a second post last week but my mom dragged me with her back to my grandpa’s house and it is located at the end of the world. I have no TV, I have no Internet, I’m lucky my phone gets a message every 10 minutes, eh. xD Google Verdelhos, Sertã, Portugal and you’ll have an approximate idea and you should feel lucky it’s just approximate, lol!
So I had no internet, I am back now, I’m gonna be working on posts from now on! And I feel like I’ve said this a million times before and everything stopped me all those times, lol. I apologize really. 😀 I am planning on buying a new concealer pen tomorrow (since I’ve ran out of mine, as I have a boyfriend who made it his life goal to eat up my concealer right after I apply it) and then post party! I hope. Fingers crossed nothing comes up and stops me, yet again.

Again, I am soooo sorry! xD
Leaving now, you guys have fun! ^^



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