MIA. Again!

Hello everyone!

How are you all?
Yes, I’ve been kinda missing, again. I know, sorry, don’t kill me. Between a bunch of doctor appointments, my mom calling half the services in this town to locate me, two projects and a test (and something else) I’ve had no time to do anything, and I still have to find some kind of medical center or clinic to sign up for physiotherapy. Just thought I’d keep you guys up on the why is the blog so inactive these days. BUT (and that’s a big a but!) despite all of this I’m planning to write 2 posts this week. One of them was supposed to be the usual monthly favorites but we’re halfway through the month, so scratch that. I’m planning on doing a makeup look, so keep your eyes peeled! 😀
Also, I’m publicly presenting my most sincere apologies, Jules. xD Yes, I should have gotten my credit card sorted out already, I’m so so sorry. 😛
Bye everyone and have a nice day! 😀



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