Catrice Photo Finish 18H Liquid Foundation: Swatch & Review

Hello, you beautiful girls! 😛

How are you all today? – I have been kind of MIA again but hey, between ligaments rupture, a tooth infection (Thank you, my sweet little old dentist, you’re great at your job!) and working so much, I haven’t been in the best of moods to post. Or awake really, yay for super strong pain killers! Also, I just totally wrote string instead of strong. String is a data type used in programming. This shows how fried my brain is at the moment from so much programming lately. xD Anyway, on to the point of this post: review time!

I was recently looking out for a new foundation because I’m super duper pale as of late and I don’t want to have to match my neck to my face. I wanna do the opposite (which is what should be done when it comes to foundation as it’s much easier and less messy with transfering) but I couldn’t find any foundation that matched my skin color. Then it occurred to me to check the Essence and Catrice counters (same manufacturer, different price ranges) and I picked up the Catrice Photo Finish 18H Liquid Foundation in the lightest shade available, 010 Sand Beige, as it is the lightest foundation shade I’ve ever laid my hands on.


Makeup with fresh & light formulation and light-reflecting pigments, evens out skin imperfections and perfectly matches your skin tone. With soft focus effect for a naturally glowing complexion without mask-effect. Lasts up to 18h. Oil-free, skin compatibility dermatologically approved. For a flawless & radiant complexion – as perfect as a retouched photo.

So first things first: the packaging is quite good. I don’t care much about it but as some people do I’m including it here. This foundation comes in a frosted glass bottle with a pump and if you ignore the cap, I think the rest looks quite sleek. The pump is always a plus too, and one pump of this foundation is enough for your whole face. There’s 30 ml of product in it or, if you’re an American reader (hi there!), 1 fl. oz.


Now the fun part: the actual product!

There are 4 shades available, which to start off isn’t that much. On top of that, they’re mostly aimed towards fair skin girls, which is why I decided to check the brand. I have the shade 010 Sand Beige, as I mentioned, and it is the closest to my skin color I ever found. It’s practically my exact color.

This foundation has a creamy consistency and it’s a little bit on the thicker side. It has a medium coverage, though you can build it up to full coverage but I wouldn’t recommend that really. I think then it’ll be noticeable and unnatural, if you want full coverage I’d recommend using something like the Make Up For Ever Full Cover concealer.

When it comes to skin types, I have oily skin and it looks good on me. Note that this isn’t a matte foundation, it’s more on a dewy finish side (but not overly dewy), yet it doesn’t make me look like a grease ball until I hit the 6h mark or so (then you start seeing a little bit of oil on my nose). I usually press my whole face with a pad then and I’m good to go for another 6h. I think it wouldn’t look that good on someone with dry skin though, because it seemed to cling to one little dry patch I had on my skin this morning. This didn’t break me out either BUT (!) my skin doesn’t break out easily either, so not sure how safe it is to say it won’t break YOU out. It’s cheap enough for you to try if you’d really like to, though. 😛

On staying power, it claims to last for a whole 18h. I don’t know how true this is because the most I’ve work it was like 12h but for the time I had it on, it looked good (with the eventual pressing my skin to get rid of a little bit of oiliness). I wear it with powder on top, so that’s something to take into consideration when you think staying power.

And here goes a swatch:


All in all I really like this product, and for a whooping €7 and a shade that perfectly matches me, it’s my new favorite! Drugstore foundation goes for about €15 around here and I don’t find it to be this good, so well done Catrice! I’d definitely recommend you try this foundation, unless you have dry skin, because if there’s a shade for you, you’re going to save money while keeping the quality!
So say, are you going to give this a try? 😛

Thank you for reading!


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