Pink & Purple Smokey Eye


Hello girls! 😀

How are you all today?!
I was home today doing absolutely nothing and pissed to the point of no return so I decided to play with my makeup for a while. I came up with a pink and purple smokey eye because I had a couple of eyeshadows I hadn’t tried yet.
This is the overall look (Yes, I know, I tend to go discreet with eye makeup!):


As usual, here goes a close shot of my open eyes:


And yet another of my closed eyes:


For some reason, I tend to have trouble with keeping my head straight instead of tilting it to the side when I’m taking pictures, lol.

A little explanation on the look now:
I started by applying a pinky shimmery eyeshadow all over the lid (Maybelline Color Tattoo in Pink Gold/Inked in Pink) and a mix of Burnout and Limit (from the Naked 3 palette) on top of it to tone it down a bit. Next I applied the Kiko 152 Eye Shadow (a slightly shimmery purple shadow) to the outer corner of my eyes in a V shape and blended it in. Then I took the shade Smoking Jacket from the Smokey Eye palette by Too Faced (a deep purple shadow) and applied it to the outer corner of the eyes, also in a V shape, blending it again. I also brought this shadow down halfway in under the waterline. Finally, I applied just a black eye pencil as eyeliner on the upper lid (I didn’t want to have the harshness of a liquid eyeliner) and brought it down into halfway of my bottom waterline.

This is all for today, I hope you like the makeup and thank you for reading!



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