Kiko Nail Polish: New Editions


Hello, lovelies!

How are you all today? I am listening to music right now and about to go to bed after I finish typing this post.
I’ve got good news for those who were curious about Kiko: the brand is opening their first store in the USA, at the Westfield Garden State Plaza, New York! And adding to that, they are planning on opening more stores throughout the country. But to the point of this post: their new limited edition nail polishes.

To start with, they have added 20 new shades to the already existent collection of their Quick Dry Nail Lacquer. These are not limited edition.


There is now a total of 60 shades, so hopefully there will be enough shades to suit everyone’s taste. Each sells at £4,90.
They have recently launched two limited edition collections, the Cupcake Nail Lacquer and the Fancy Top Coat Nail Lacquer. I’m going to start with the Cupcake collection.


For the sake of respecting picture ownership, the credits for this one go to Yoko.
This nail polish comes in 10 pastel shades and it was inspired by cupcake decorations. It contains “embossed multicolor grains, has a matte finish and a three-dimensional sand effect”. Available for £5,90. Finally, the Fancy Top Coat collection.


There are also 10 shades in this collection and what really got my attention in these was that I found the shades 659 Lilac and 657 Silver to be quite close to the Zoya Magical PixieDust ones. I love the Zoya ones but I can’t get my hands on them in here so I was immediately “blinded” by this Kiko collection. These are “enriched with different colors and different shapes of glitter” and sell for £5,90 each.

This is all for today’s post, as I just wanted to keep you updated on the new Kiko launches (since I am so hyper about the Fancy Top Coat).
I hope you liked this post and thank you for reading!



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