Job Interview Makeup of the Day


Hello girls!

Today I decided to show you my usual makeup for job interviews in my field. In case you don’t know, I am a programmer but I work on other computer fields as well (if that’s the right term to use). Makeup always adds to presentation, even when it comes to computer-related jobs, but if you go too overboard with it people tend to frown upon it. With that being said, my go to job interview makeup is very discreet and neutral. It’s also the same I wear everyday for work, even if I sometimes apply some kind of twist to it, the base look is always the same (because my job is also always the same lol).


Please mind the pictures were taken at night after I came home from work, so excuse me if the lighting is weird, lol. That is the overall look of my makeup, and here goes a close shot of my eyes (the point of this post).


A better look at the makeup:


To create this all I do is apply a cream colored eyeshadow all over the lid, apply a soft brown shadow in an extended V shape to 2/3 of the lid, blend it out, then apply a dark brown to the very outer corner of the eye, also in a V shape, concentrate the color there, then blend it out. Then I finally apply the same soft brown almost all the way under the waterline and the dark brown only on the outer part of the eye, also under the waterline.

This is all for today, I hope you liked this post and if you do recreate this look, send me a link here! 😀 Also, thank you for taking the time to read this. ^^



5 thoughts on “Job Interview Makeup of the Day

    • Yup, most of the girls in our area are more of tomboys lol.
      Thank you! ^^
      Sure! As soon as I get to my computer, I only have my phone here, lol.


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