Nail Trends for Spring 2014


Hello my beauties!
The last time I painted my nails I was dying for spring to finally arrive here in my country, as the days have been quite dark, and on that spirit I decided to paint them in a pastel lavender shade this time. They truly remind me of spring right now. But still, the days were dark and cold and I still missed spring. But today I woke up to see a beautiful, warm, sunny day and that made me realize spring is finally coming!
As I’ll have to paint my nails again next week, it’s time to check the nail color trends for Spring 2014 and, since I’m at it, I decided to share that with you girls.


First off, the most notorious and present trend this spring (in my modest opinion) is white nail polish. Different shades of white, different nail designs with white being a big presence on them are in this Spring. Opaque white, a layer of sheer white on your nails, it’s white and white is definitely in.


On to another big trend: stripes. Paint them in whatever direction you please, they’re in.


Also, the ombre look.


There’s also a relatively new nail art: the half moon. I personally don’t like this one but hey, to each their own.


For the fans of metallic nails, they’re still quite popular.


Nude nails/sheer polishes are another big trend as well. Just make sure your nails are shiny so their natural beauty stands out.

EJ1_credit Ashlee Salamon

Embellished nails are big this spring too: strategically placed rhinestones or glitter on top of a nude or neutral nail polish look just amazing.


Finally, if you’re one of those girls dying over pastels going out of trend (I know I am!), don’t die just yet. 😉 They’re still very in but the shades changed a little. Think pastel blues, oranges, purples… Just expect them to be a little stronger, more glittery and metallic. The Awaken collection and the Magical PixieDust collection, both by Zoya, are a few examples.


As a pastel and glitter lover, I am absolutely in love with Lux and Vega from the Magical PixieDust collection and I’m dying to get my hands on them! Sadly, at least last I checked, there’s nothing on Ebay. 😦 If I can get my hands of them, I can see myself wearing them all the time. Also, you can wait on a review in such case. =)
What about you? What is your favorite trend for this spring?
I hope you liked this post and thank you for reading!



6 thoughts on “Nail Trends for Spring 2014

  1. I’ve been rocking a lot of nude lately. Too lazy to do my nails. This is a great list.. when I stop being lazy and actually do my nails, I want to try some of these.


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