Essence Metal Glam Eyeshadow Review


Hello my beauties!
On my last haul (which you can find here) I mentioned a handful of products, in particular this one eyeshadow, the Metal Glam Eyeshadow by Essence. I said I was probably going to do a review on it and I have finally gotten around on doing so but please mind there’s still not much sun around here, so the pictures are (Still!) a bit blurry. For the ones of you who don’t know this, I photograph with my phone, and it has a high resolution camera but if it doesn’t pick up enough light, it doesn’t focus as well as it should. So lets start!


Let me start off by saying this: get off your little (Or maybe not so little, I don’t know!) behind, get yourself over to Ulta (I heard they’re sold there) and buy a bunch of these! Yes, they are that good that I just go and tell you right away to get some yourself. But I am still doing this review, eheh!
Essence Metal Glam is a limited edition line for Spring and Summer 2014, and it includes a new set of metallic shimmering finish eyeshadows available in 6 different shades: (01) Jewel Up The Ocean (blue), (02) Coffee To Glow (a soft brown), (03) Frosted Apple (the one in the picture, a pink shadow), (05) Chocolate Jewerly (a darker brown), (07) Golden Up (a very light golden shade) and (08) N’ice Frosting (a white/cream shade, depends on the lighting).
I am going to start with the packaging: These shadows come in a sturdy clear container with a ring of silver all around the product. Unlike most of the Essence shadow containers, these have a flat top, which makes it possible to stack them. Pigmentation-wise, this is what the package says:

Eyeshadow with metallic texture for an intensive, luminous effect. Long lasting.

The first time I swatched these, I thought they were reasonably pigmented, very shimmery shadows. I was wrong. These are crazy pigmented, and more metallic than shimmery. At first they come with a very thin layer of shimmer on the top but once you start using them, most of that goes away and you find out the product is really metallic, while still having just the right amount of shimmer. You won’t need a primer, as these don’t budge or crease, and you’ll probably want to apply only one swipe of this product, because it really is that pigmented and vibrant. Considering these shadows are shimmery metallic eyeshadows, you probably won’t want a too heavy look. Here goes a swatch of Frosted Apple (and I just realized I got the name wrong on the picture above), a pink shade with golden shimmer, without primer underneath.


They do fall out a bit on application though, so definitely keep that in mind or you’ll end up with glittery cheeks.
The not budging brings a little problem though: these are a bit hard to blend, but still not impossible. I believe this is due to the texture of the product – it is somewhere between a powder and a cream eyeshadow. (A little side note: I am really glad for the texture of these, as I am so clumsy I just dropped the eyeshadow and it didn’t break!) In fact, after some use the product shows its real texture while still inside the packaging:


Note how the product kinda crumbles and forms little packs all through the surface of the shadow. It still applies just fine on your eyes though, so do not worry. These eyeshadows are quite tricky to remove as well, as they’re resistant enough to last the whole day on your lids.
I love these shadows so I totally recommend you to go and get some yourself, as they are just beautiful and work great once you learn how to work with the texture (you will then be able to blend them a bit better). Here goes the usual look I do with this shadow.


As I know how bad the quality of the pictures is these days, I have two close shots of my eyes.



This is all for today’s post, I hope you enjoyed it and thank you for reading!


P.S. Feel free to request it if you want to know how I did the eye look displayed here.


17 thoughts on “Essence Metal Glam Eyeshadow Review

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    • It is, I didn’t expect these shadows to be this good considering a decent one over here is like… 15€ and this costed me 3€, I think. Go get some! :p


        • I think you can get them in USA, don’t know exactly where. The Ulta thing was just something I heard. I’m not sure they sell it there. You’re welcome. ^^


        • Because of your location or their prices? With location I can help, with prices I don’t know of anywhere that sells it for less than 52$, I think. 😦


          • They are available location wise…I just rarely wear make up much less eye shadow so I just haven’t put it in my brain to spend 52 on shadows even though I’ve heard great things. I do have a dupe from t mart but I don’t even use that.


            • I know your pain. XD I never bought any of the other palettes because I’m cheap and I don’t wear all that much makeup on a daily basis but I was so in love with the Naked 3 I decided I’d buy it and use it at least once a week. XD Like you I’m too lazy to get up earlier to do makeup. I’m good with just foundation.


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