Essie Nail Polishes: Real Versions vs. Fake Versions



Hello girls!

I recently ordered some Essie products on Ebay from one of the top-rated sellers in there and was surprised to figure out it took only a week for those to get delivered to my place (lucky I am here today since I’ve been over at my mom’s lately). I went on to give them my feedback and felt curious that they had like 60 negative feedbacks so I went to check those out. I was surprised to see someone saying they were sent a fake product and proceeded to Google the heck out of it to make sure I ordered the real deal. I came across a lot of posts on this matter and after 2h of thorough searching, I finally figured the whole “realistic fakes” thing out. Thought I’d make a post on it in case any of you have the same doubts or suspicions.

So basically the whole “fake Essie” thing started because people buying Essie nail polishes from the USA drugstores also bought these off of Ebay, Amazon and such. When they compared both products (the Ebay one and the drugstore one) they realized there were two different kinds of bottles, so the majority of them jumped to the conclusion one of the two versions was a fake. Obviously, the “fake” one was the one they bought online. Lets see the differences between the two bottles, and I’m organizing the topics on drugstore bottle first, online buy second:

  • The first one has a sticker with “essie” in white writing, whereas the second one has “essie” engraved on the bottle itself;
  • One has a sticker with pink writing on the cap with the name of the color, the other one has an “e” engraved on the top of the cap;
  • If you turn the bottle upside down, one has a sticker written in blue ink whereas the other is written in black ink;
  • The first one provides a phone number somewhere in the bottle or the box (not sure where exactly) and the second one doesn’t;
  • One has 15ml of product and the other has only 13,5ml of product.

These were all the differences I was able to find and people were basically saying the second version of the bottle was the fake version of the nail polish. After much searching, I came to the conclusion NEITHER of the versions is fake. After being contacted, Essie confirmed both bottles are the real deal. They manufacture two different types of bottles because the first bottle is the drugstore, “public” selling version of the product, and the second bottle is the version you will find on saloons, professional places, etc. Most often, the products you buy online are the professional, saloon version, which does not mean they are fake, they’re just not aimed to be sold on drugstores, which is why you see a clear difference between both versions. Here goes a picture of the two:


This is all for this post and if you ever have the same questions I did or think that you got a fake, I hope this helps you.

Thank you for reading! =)



22 thoughts on “Essie Nail Polishes: Real Versions vs. Fake Versions

  1. Very helpful post, thank you! Essie seems to become more available in Australia but we don’t have nearly the range of colours as the US and the price is high, so eBay it is.


    • Thank you.
      We don’t have many here either and they are like 4 or 5 times the normal price in the US. At least for me, if you do the math, it’s far cheaper to order them on ebay.


  2. Haha, I googled “fake Essie” and found this. We even bought from the same ebay-seller (enchantedbeautyspot)… Always wondered about the different bottles, but since the polish was just as good as the drugstore-Essies I didn’t bother to check up on it until today. Thanks! 🙂


    • You’re welcome!
      Well, I never bought them here to compare because prices in my country are insane. Something that costs 30$ in the US will cost us about 100$. Not because of the currency but because they try to rob you over here. XD So I needed Google.


      • I’m from Norway and Essies cost from 16 USD and up here. Actually don’t think I bought any in Norway, but I have a few from drugstores in England.. (Also a lot cheaper) 🙂


  3. I love Essie nail polishes and I have used this brand for many years. Last year / two years ago, Essie repackaged their products, the new ones available nowadays (all new collections and classics recently manufactured) are 13.5 ml each with Essie name printed, engraved or both (it really depends on the collection). The old are 15ml each and having the brand name engraved yet never printed on (BTW I havent seen my local salon with 15ml bottles for ages. I’m from Australia.). I wish people could do more research on their shopping and you did a good job being a smart consumer ;)!


  4. I actually spoke to my beautician about it, and she said, as you mentioned, that those are different manufacture lines that were created in order to give saloons some advantage over the drug store sold polishes. She did say though that they were manufactured in different countries, which I didn’t find any evidence to. I purchased few bottles in drugstores in my country and in Bulgaria, and I have noticed that the brighter colors not applied as well as I expected from this brand, so I though maybe they have lower quality in BG for some reason. After reading this I understand that this is not the reason. I have only one “professional” bottle, which I got as a gift during the company’s promotion in my country. I have noticed that:
    1. It is the only one with e on the lid
    2. It only has the brand name engraved while all the others have both the engraving and the white print.
    3. Though all bottles say it is 13.5 ml, the “prof” one does look just a bit smaller, and if you look at the bottle from the side you see that the glass bottle itself is thicker, especially at the bottom.
    4. The bottom of the bottles look different, drugstore ones have this tiny engraved dots square kind of framing, while the prof one does not have them, only the number one more flat circle surface.
    Can you please tell me which seller on ebay sells the prof ones?
    Thanks! And great post!


    • You’re welcome and thank you for the added information on this. I may be editing this post to add the new stuff you figured out once I get home. Sure, they’re the ones I found selling the cheapest, still real, professional product. Just let me get home and access my ebay account and I’ll be happy to help. 🙂


    • Ok, I bought these from both enchantedbeautyspot and beautyzone2007. On the specific product, they were the ones selling the cheapest (price + shipping) and it all came in very good condition and they were the real thing.
      Glad I could help. 😀


  5. I recently bought some “Good to Go” off amazon and it works just as great as previous bottles I’ve bought from stores but cheaper! Yay. But then I realized it has a silver brush handle and all of my other Essie polishes have white handles. Could this means it is fake? I didn’t think much of it at first because sometimes the top coats bottles have differences but then I noticed my old bottles had white handles so just curious.


    • I bought this one as a gift for my mom because Essie here is like 15€. I did not want fakes, I figured people wouldn’t either and this way they could make sure their was an original. 🙂
      You’re welcome. ^^


  6. That is so random, I’m glad I gave this a look as I have some of each version and did wonder but that clears it up x


    • I wondered too because I started thinking “I got it for cheaper than the site says and that includes shipping already. So something’s up.” Turns out I did actually get the original. I was getting all angry thinking I had gotten fooled. XD
      P.S. Please forgive my crappy English atm, I’m seriously sleepy. XD


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