Hello my beauties! 😀

I have been struggling to post anything in here because the weather in this country is so bad and the days are so dark I don’t have any decent lighting to take any pictures, despite having some posts planned. 😦 But today I just decided I’d at least do an OOTD & MOTD independently of the picture quality because you can still see it, it just doesn’t have a super duper awesome focus. So let me start by saying I’m really really sorry the resolution of these is pretty bad. 😀 On to the actual outfit.



Basically I’m wearing some jeggings from Primark, the jumper I showed you guys on my January favorites (Yup, still rocking the heck out of it!), a deep blue scarf my mom bought for me and my knee high black boots from Zara (I believe…). I then added my favorite brown bag or purse that even though doesn’t match my boots I still use it to carry my college stuff because it’s quite sturdy. Softer leather bags tend to turn my stuff upside down inside them. And this was today’s makeup:


It’s not very visible (Yay for dark days) but I used the Naked 3 palette, I have Strange (a matte white shadow) all over the lid, Burnout (a pinky brown shadow) in the crease and Buzz (a slightly shimmery pink shadow) on the outer corner, blended outwards and up. I also added a little bit of Strange to the inner corner of my eyes. Then I added some liquid liner, tight-lined the upper waterline and ran a black eyeliner pencil across half of my bottom waterline. This is my (sad) attempt of a closer look for you guys!


Again, sorry for the crappy quality of the pictures!
This is all for today’s post and I’m looking out for sunny days so I can take some decent pictures for the next posts. Thanks for reading!



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