Makeup Haul


Hello, beauties (kudos for Rachel, who got me used to this greeting)!

Today I have a makeup haul from various brands for you girls. I may be doing reviews on some of these products, if you want any specific one just let me know either on the comments or by email. Here are the products I bought:


First I went to Kiko Make Up Milano because I needed a new eye primer, and since they had some good deals going on I also picked up some eyeshadows.


The primer I got is the Pearly Eye Base Primer which reminds me a little bit of the Urban Decay’s Primer Potion in Sin. Color-wise, the Kiko one is a little lighter but I think the colors are somewhat alike, and it is less shimmery than the Primer Potion but still shimmery. It was €6,90/£6,90. Then I got three of their normal eyeshadows (I call them normal because these are the only ones that are simply named “eyeshadow”) in the colors 152 Pearly Violet, 156 also called Pearly Violet (why on earth…)  and 165 Pearly Blue. 152 is a shimmery violet color, 156 is a lighter, more pinky toned violet, still shimmery but more on the matte side, and 165 is a dark, kinda denim colored blue quite similar to the 156 in the way it is shimmery as well but not as shimmery as the 152. I got them for €1,50/£1,50 and I believe they are still on sale. Here are some swatches:


I am quite disappointed at the color payoff of the 156, considering all of my other Kiko eyeshadows are quite good. But I’ll see what I can do about that when I get to wear it. I also wanted a cream rosy toned eyeshadow to wear as a base for my Naked 3 palette eyeshadows, so I got the Maybelline Color Tattoo 24HR in 65 Pink Gold/55 Inked in Pink (USA). This is just a pale pink shade with golden shimmer (with no actual glitter particles on it) and bellow you have a picture of the product and a swatch. These cream shadows sell for €8,99/£4,99/$6,99 in Continente, Boots and Ulta, by that order.


I also got some Catrice eyeshadows, the Absolute Eye Colour in 390 Top Of The Cops and the Intensif’eye Wet & Dry Shadow in 020 Charly’s Chocolate Factory.


The first eyeshadow is just a deep “purple-y” blue eyeshadow with a tiny amount of pink and purple shimmer, whereas the second one is a medium brown with swirls of bronze baked eyeshadow with just the perfect amount of golden glitter. They were €2 each in a store called Wells+. I believe Catrice is hard to come by on the UK and the US so you can get these from Beautylish or just order from Ebay. Here go some pictures.


And finally, I got three more eyeshadows by Essence, which is just a cheaper brand by the same company that makes Catrice products. On to the eyeshadows I picked up, I went for Essence eyeshadow (normal line) in 64 Greyhound Shimmer Effect, and two from their Metal Glam line, the 03 Frosted Apple and the 04 Sparkle All Night. The first one was €1 and the other two were €3, also from Wells+. An alternative to Beautylish, in case you wanna buy any of these, is buying them off of Luvocracy.


The 64 Greyhound Shimmer Effect is just a silver grey eyeshadow with a little shimmer, the 03 Frosted Apple is a light pink with gold and purple glitter and the 04 Sparkle All Night is a silver color with silver, gold and purple glitter.


This is (finally!) all for this haul, I’m really excited about the two eyeshadows from the Essence Metal Glam line because I’ve been into glittery eyeshadows lately, I’ll probably let you know how that goes and thank you for reading! Again, if you want any specific reviews on any of these products, just let me know.



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