Event || Haircare by L’Oreal Paris


Hi everyone!

I am a Youzzer (if you don’t know what that is check Youzz.net) and I am hopefully getting the chance to test some new hair products by L’Oreal Paris. They just sent me an email giving my blog’s readers the chance to be a part of that testing too. 🙂 The downside is the campaigns change from country to country, so something tells me that this particular one will be aimed at my Portuguese readers only. 😦 Maybe not, but I’m not sure. So I’m sorry if you want to participate but you can’t. 😦


To participate all you have to do is click this link —-> L’Oreal Paris Haircare Campaign <—– register yourself and sign up to the campaign. Maybe you do get to be a part of it! 😀 If you feel like it, you can let them know you came from my reference using the code xpzGc4l38k when you register in the appropriate text box. But that’s just optional! 😛

Thanks for reading!



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