Oil Control Pressed Powder by Colortrend (Avon) Review


Hi girls!

I am an Avon seller and a few weeks back one of my clients asked me if the Oil Control Pressed Powder by Colortrend (which is a brand sold by Avon) was any good, as she was planning to give it a try. I honestly had no idea (because I don’t actually wear all those many products by Avon) so I decided to order one myself and let her know. Made sense to me since Colortrend is the low cost brand Avon sells. This is the product right here:


Ok, right from the start there was this one thing bugging me: there was only one shade (Medium)! Supposedly universal. Considering it didn’t look anywhere near translucent to me on the catalog that instantly made me go “Eeeeh…”. But I ordered it anyway. A week later I had it delivered to my place and I immediately proceeded to give it a go. As soon as I opened the product, I wondered how were dark skinned women (Is that the correct term? Please correct me if it isn’t as I don’t mean to offend anyone.) supposed to wear it, considering it had some color to it. But as that wasn’t my case I put on my usual foundation and this powder on top. I went from pale to orange just as soon as it touched my skin. So not good! So I thought maybe I had gone heavy on the powder so I took it all off and reapplied, this time putting on this powder very lightly. Still orange. Very orange.


Being the adventurous little mouse that I am I decided to keep it on and go to college just like that, looking orange and all. After a day of very odd looks in my direction, I came to the conclusion I love the silky finish this powder gives to the skin, the oil control it provides and the fact it does not get cakey. But I can’t get past the fact the thing is orange! Also, it has this very particular scent to it that just bugs me.
I believe anyone who can pull off wearing the product’s color will like it, since it has a pretty smooth finish, but it just didn’t cut it for me, I really dislike this powder. First “bad” review in the blog, huh? 😛
For those who might still wanna give it a try as well, this sells for £4.25 in the UK and I’m not sure if it’s sold in the USA, as I couldn’t find it on the site. As for Portugal, it goes for 9€.
Hope this review helped you if you’re considering to try this product and thanks for reading! =)



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