AVON Glimmerstick Diamonds in Sugar Plum: Swatch & Review


Hello girls!

So maybe 3 weeks ago I was in need of a purple/plum eyeliner and, as I have recently been getting into shimmery/glittery eyeshadow and eyeliners, I decided to order the AVON Glimmerstick Diamonds eyeliner in Sugar Plum.


As soon as I opened the little box where it came in, the first thing that caught my eye was the packaging: the stick is shiny black with sparkly letters on it. It’s beautiful, sleek and elegant. It’s retractable too, so you don’t have to sharpen it. On to the actual product, though. Sugar Plum is a pink purple color with tiny, subtle pink glitter on it. I love this color. This is a creamy liner, very smooth, very decently pigmented. Better than decently, actually. I mainly wear it as eyeshadow or on my bottom lash line and it never creased, it never ran and it never let me down on what concerns staying power (it lasts for about 10h on me, maybe more). Despite that fact, I do believe this product was not aimed for use on the waterline, as it doesn’t apply evenly in it and it doesn’t last very long. It doesn’t smudge or run, it just disappears. It is quite easy to remove as well, just as long as you use a makeup remover. The only thing I think it misses is coming in a waterproof formula, but oh well, can’t have everything. Here is a swatch:


You can purchase this product from any AVON seller for $7.00/£6.00/€9.50 (normal price) but you can usually get really good deals on these. As far as I know, AVON sells all over the world, so it should be easy to find. Also, I believe they have a seller locator on their sites, so it’s even easier. I’ll probably get some more of these sticks in different colors so if they show any difference to this one, I’ll point those out for you girls.
Hope this review is useful and that you liked it and if you did, please don’t forget to subscribe. =)



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